Guest Interview

Ep 16: Setting up for a rocking 2018 with Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith on the power of mini experiments and how both Karly and Lisa have embraced the concept to create big meaningful change. SHOW NOTES 08:45 – The argument for mini experiments and when it’s time to move from small steps to big leaps 11:45 – Why we can’t see our own strengths 15:50 –…

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Ep 9: Samantha Nolan-Smith: Being Truly Visible

Samantha Nolan-Smith on how Patriarchal society keeps women small and quiet, mired in self-doubt, and ultimately invisible. Samantha explains why it is so hard to examine a system that is rigged in your favour, and why self-development is the key for women to not only push through their own visibility blocks, but also to look…

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Ep 7: Emma-Kate Rose: Leveling the Playing Field through Food

Emma-Kate Rose of Food Connect on using business as a force for good. Emma-Kate explains how sustainable food practices, fair pay and social justice can build a movement of food citizens, and why this is more motivating to her than money. Show Notes 02:30 – Why Emma-Kate and her partner see business as a force…

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