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Hello! I'm Lisa

I’m here to make sure your audience knows just how amazing you really are, how much your work can help them, and why they need you in their lives, like, yesterday.

You’re smart. You want to make a difference. You feel like you ‘should’ be killing it in your online business...

….And yet? You’re not. You’re stuck.

You see other people doing amazingly well, and they don’t seem any more special than you. So what’s missing? Why is it so freaking hard to get to the next level? And what does it take to make a real profit?

If you’re here and you can relate, I’m guessing the problem is NOT that you’re not great at what you do — you are. You just need to learn how to market yourself in a way that engages your audience, that feels doable (not douchey), and that turns random looky-loo’s into raving — and paying — fans...

Want to find out how? Read on, friend!

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About me

Hi! I’m Lisa Corduff.

In 2013, when I first created my blog, I thought it would just be a ‘passion project’ — a way to get my brain back into ‘adult’ mode after 3 years at home with my babies. I had no idea it would ever amount to anything...

But after making $250k in the first 18 months — and surprising the pants off myself — I realised I might be onto something.

From there, my biz has continued to grow (we’re at $500k+ in 2018) and is now a sustainable, reliable source of income that supports our family, funds our lifestyle, and has even allowed my husband to step away from a job he hated.

I know that sharing ‘numbers’ like that can sound wanky (and trust me — it makes me vom in my mouth to write them out, because numbers never paint the full picture). But those figures are the nutshell reason why I’m now lucky enough to be making a living — and an impact — doing what I love.

No one gave me a magic wand to make it happen, and I don’t want to sugarcoat the journey either — there's been lots of tears, experimenting, vulnerability and busting through limiting beliefs.

But somehow, I made it out the other side with a successful business and (most of) my sanity in tact! And now, I want to share all of my ‘lessons learned’ with you, so that you can accelerate your journey, bypass the roadblocks, and make the kind of impact — and income — that inspired you to start your own business in the first place...

So this website? Think of it as an online hub for all things business and marketing — minus the BS. You'll find meaningful conversations, step by step guides, courses designed for real people living in the real world, and a supportive community...

…. It's a crazy ride — and I can't wait to share it with you.

Lisa is one of the most business-savvy and generous souls I know. She gets the online world more than most, knows how to connect with an audience in an authentic and heartfelt way, and she genuinely cares about making this a joyful experience and not just about making money. Her insights and tips in the lead up to my most recent launch helped me reach numbers I'd only dreamed of, and I know for sure that it was Lisa's ideas and encouragement that got me there. She's my not-so-secret-anymore-weapon.

- Amy Taylor-Kabbaz -

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Keeping Business Real with Lisa

The Keeping Business Real podcast will bring you rock solid strategies for online business growth, insights into what's working inside Lisa's business, inspiration for those moments when you want to burn it all down (if you haven't had that yet - you will!) and interviews with experts on topics designed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

All this delivered in Lisa's no BS, honest signature style. Bringing a breath of fresh air to online business podcasts - Lisa promises to keep it real .... to help you grow.


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Suck at selling? Overhaul your marketing mindset with these 7 useful tips you can put into action right now to engage your audience and boost conversions