Ep 4: James Wedmore: Strategy and Spirituality – can they go together in business?

James Wedmore shares how inner work and spirituality have been pivotal in developing the successful business he has today, the importance of emotional nourishment and radical self-love,
and why he shares spiritual practices on his Mind Your Business podcast.

Show Notes

11:43 – How looking at things #backwards and changing yourself can change your world
15:35 – Why business is the ultimate course in self-development
17:03 – How the law of attraction created results that ‘work hard and hustle’ never delivered
26:20 – The difference practicing radical self-love can bring about
29:56 – Creating new neural pathways using words, thoughts, emotions and imagery
34:13 – Why you need emotional nourishment AND an instruction manual
45:08 – How James’ journey only took off when he started letting go of things
48:42 – Why it is a mistake to think that money comes from effort
54.36 – How we filter the world to confirm what we already believe
56:11 – Why faith comes first and evidence comes afterwards


James Wedmore’s Mind Your Business podcast
James Wedmore’s Business by Design

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