KBR Ep 12: Why Most Online Business Owners Never Crack $100K

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Lisa brings in some serious business know-how today. Sigrun is a straight-talking, compassionate entrepreneur with 3 MBA’s, 10 years’ experience as a CEO, and now, a million dollar online business. AND she’s all about helping women achieve financial freedom by turning their passion into a profitable business. With a perfect mix of practical business knowledge and mindset magic, this episode is a must listen.

Show Notes:

0:50 Lisa introduces Sigrun and today’s discussion topic: why so many online entrepreneurs can’t break the $100k ceiling.

3:15 What keeps you stuck in the early days of online business. Sigrun shares her preferred ratio of learning to doing.

9:07 Getting stuck in the meaningless details that won’t make you more money – or, which logo looks better?

12:50 What you need to be doing to get your business off the ground – before you create or launch anything.

18:23 The similarities between real-world business and online business, and how simple it all can be.

21:14 Sigrun encourages you to develop a BIG mindset.  Lisa and Sigrun also talk about letting go and their views on judgement.

25:40 What you need to do before you start creating your signature course.

31:05 Learn how Sigrun came to offer the only 12 month MBA program available for online business owners.

36:11 What differentiates those who succeed in business from those who do not.

41:20 Get the details of Sigrun’s upcoming 3 part workshop, delivered live and released for the first time outside her paid client list.


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  1. Heather Matthew on January 14, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    A really great podcast Lisa. Ive enjoyed listening to you talking with Sigrum

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