Ep 9: Samantha Nolan-Smith: Being Truly Visible

Samantha Nolan-Smith on how Patriarchal society keeps women small and quiet, mired in self-doubt, and ultimately invisible. Samantha explains why it is so hard to examine a system that is rigged in your favour, and why self-development is the key for women to not only push through their own visibility blocks, but also to look beyond themselves and help others who have less privilege.

Show Notes

05.45 – Why becoming visible to others starts with first being visible to yourself
10:57 – How Patriarchal society stops women’s voices being heard, and ways to counter this
13:15 – Why insecurity and self-doubt are systemic problems, not individuals’ problems
16:35 – Why not asking for what you want is a serious health risk
19:14 – The two approaches women take when they come up against blocks, and why neither works
26:44 – The bubble of privilege, and why it is so hard to examine a system that works in your favour
34:13 – Why the Dalai Lama said, ‘The world will be saved by the Western woman’
43:30 – The power of witch hunts – how seeing other women being torn down keeps women small
58:17 – Recognising your own triggers and emotions as a strategy for removing visibility blocks
01:04:35 – The healing power of saying sorry to the unheard and unseen parts of yourself



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