Ep 7: Emma-Kate Rose: Leveling the Playing Field through Food

Emma-Kate Rose of Food Connect on using business as a force for good. Emma-Kate explains how sustainable food practices, fair pay and social justice can build a movement of food citizens, and why this is more motivating to her than money.

Show Notes

02:30 – Why Emma-Kate and her partner see business as a force for good
06:01 – Why fairness across the whole supply chain is at the heart of the Food Connect manifesto
11:04 – How transparency in business teaches consumers to ask the right questions
13:13 – The radical steps Food Connect took to prove their trustworthiness to farmers
19:28 – The simple pay rule that means the Food Connect CEO will never be overpaid
22:26 – Why you will never change the world by replicating the status quo
32:54 – The reason Emma-Kate and her partner chose to open-source ideas rather than franchise
38:38 – Why Food Connect didn’t miss a single delivery in the Brisbane floods

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