Ep 16: Setting up for a rocking 2018 with Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith on the power of mini experiments and how both Karly and Lisa have embraced the concept to create big meaningful change.


08:45 – The argument for mini experiments and when it’s time to move from small steps to big leaps
11:45 – Why we can’t see our own strengths
15:50 – Karly’s mini experiment – 2 years on
18:00 – Nikki shares her own mini experiment
22:00 – Lisa’s mini experiment breakthrough
24:00 – How to go from thinking about doing something to taking action: the science of change
29:20 – The real truth about willpower
33:00 – Examples of mini experiments in action
40:50 – Nikki works Lisa through breaking down a big vision into a series of mini experiments


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About Nikki

Nikki Smith is a psychologist, career change coach and strengths coach with 17 years experience in Australia and the UK helping people find their best fit role and to optimise it. She guides and cheerleads individuals to create their dream life best fit role or business. One with more freedom and flexibility that plays to your strengths, interests and lifestyle needs. She sees opportunities and connections between ideas where others’ don’t. She has changed careers three times herself and understands what it’s like to be on both sides of the experience. She elevates others’ visions and confidence through strengths coaching; helping people to value their strengths and see the as their superpower and give them the knowledge and tools to use them every day. When you shape your work week to play to your strengths 60 – 80% of the week you double your productivity, resilience, and creativity. Nikki typically helps clients to re-claim 5 – 15 hours in their work week to do more of the other things that they love.

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