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The Strategist/ Overanalyser

This means:

When you’re in your full power, you’re a natural Strategist.

When overwhelm strikes, this can tip over into becoming an Overanalyser.

Let's Dig Deeper...

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The Strategist - 

You’re a brilliant thinker with an analytical mind. You’re FANTASTIC at spotting issues, solving problems, and figuring things out.

You’re perceptive. You can see things other people can’t. When you’re working with others on a project, you’re the one who’ll spot three potential roadblocks up ahead, saving everyone else from a potential collision. 

You value creativity, focus and quality. Oh, and your knack for innovation? Unrivalled. No one has ideas like you!

Also, you like to be prepared… for anything. Take your handbag — it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of bags, equipped to handle anything from a hangry child to a sudden apocalypse. You're the walking, talking contingency plan we all need!

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The Overanalyser -

When you're overwhelmed, it's as if someone flips a switch and you get stuck in overdrive, analysing everything.

Soon, your brain hits overload and even the smallest choices feel like monumental tasks. That's when the dreaded "analysis paralysis" can set in, trapping you in an endless loop of overthinking.

During these moments, your energy can be all over the place. You may feel frantic, flustered, frazzled — and ultimately, freaking drained.

You're a smart cookie, so you know a good night's sleep would help, but it can be tough to drift off when your mind is running a marathon… which is why you often find yourself wide awake at 2am, brain stuck in overdrive, scrutinising every problem imaginable.


Spoiler alert

Understanding how to manage this balance between your brilliant strategical side and your tendency to overthink things is crucial for breaking your unique overwhelm cycle.

The goal isn’t to deny any of the parts that make you you. Instead, we want to help you find ways to thrive, so that you don’t keep defaulting to the patterns that deplete you and get you stuck in survival mode.

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Red Flags for the
Strategist/ Overanalyser

Look out for these warnings signs that you’re headed for overwhelm:

Dark Arrow

Making decisions for yourself (even about small things, like “What do I want for breakfast?”) starts to feel daunting and exhausts you in an outsized way.


Your thinking starts to speed up. Your energy and attention is all in your head and your thoughts (you might even feel detached from your body).


You start to find it difficult to concentrate, to come up with good ideas, or to get started with your work. (You might also notice increased procrastination: i.e. spending heaps of time analysing the best place to start… without ever actually starting.)

3 Simple steps to stop the slide into overwhelm

Or to climb back out if you're deep in it!


Get things out of your head. Write out everything you have to do (or anything that’s worrying you) on paper, so that your mind can stop holding onto all of it with a white-knuckled grip.

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Use your senses. You’re used to being ‘in your head’. A great way to get yourself back into your body is to immerse in your senses. You could try going for a walk and instead of listening to a podcast or music, get conscious of the sounds, the smells, and the space around you. Or next time you’re having a shower, pay close attention to the feeling of the water on your skin — anything that gets you grounded in your body is excellent!

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Get into nature. Sit outside whenever you can. Seek out nature. It balances our energy and draws our focus out of our heads.

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Be gentle with yourself on this journey. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your overwhelm.

But by taking small, simple steps in the right direction, you can make a BIG difference to how you feel day to day.

How does all that feel, lady?

Does it resonate? Does it hit home? Do you feel seen?! 👀

It’s important to remember, our Overwhelm Type isn’t who we are, it’s just the pattern we get  stuck in when overwhelm hits. 

It’s also not set in stone: there are SO many steps you can take to turn the tables on overwhelm and get back in control — with ease, on your own terms, in your own time.

I’ll be sharing some simple but genius strategies with you in your inbox over the next few weeks, so stay very tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re itching to dive deeper straight away, you can check out the podcast links below.

Sending love!

Lisa xx

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