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The Leader / Perfectionist

This means:

When you’re in your full power, you’re a natural Leader

When overwhelm strikes, this can tip over into becoming a Perfectionist.

Let's Dig Deeper...

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The Leader -

You're a high achiever. A goal kicker. The type who looks at Everest and thinks, "I can do that", then makes it seem like a Sunday stroll.

You're fueled by an unbounded drive and ambition. You have a clear vision of your goals, and you don't just aim for the stars — you plan to grab one.

The bar you've set for yourself isn't just high, it's touching the clouds. You’re used to doing everything to an exceptionally high standard. (Lady, you leave 'average' and 'ordinary' in the dust!)

You dream big and you do big. And what's even more awe-inspiring is that you turn those big dreams into reality. People can't help but marvel at your knack for making things happen and ticking things off your vision board. ‘How does she do it?!’ they wonder, because Leader, you make it look easy!

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The Perfectionist -

When overwhelm strikes, a sly voice in your head starts whispering that you're not good enough. It tells you that you don't deserve to be here and you need to work harder so that nobody discovers you're just winging it. Sound familiar? Yep, that's imposter syndrome knocking, and boy is it good at sticking its foot in the door.

You’ve always been told you have great potential. It's flattering, of course, but the pressure of living up to it can feel crippling.

Also crippling? The expectations you set for yourself. Let's be honest, they're sky-high. You feel a pressing need to look like you have your life perfectly under control at all times, and to never make a mistake. But chasing after perfection is like chasing down a mirage — no matter how hard you try, it’s never within reach.

You're used to paving the way, but remember this, Leader: even the best need to take a break now and then. Your light is unique, don't let it be dimmed by the endless pursuit of flawlessness. Sometimes, it's okay to just sit back and enjoy the view instead of always striving for the peak.


Spoiler alert

Learning how to harness your exceptional drive without succumbing to the pressures of perfectionism is essential to breaking your unique overwhelm cycle.

The goal isn’t to deny any of the parts that make you you. Instead, we want to help you find ways to thrive, so that you don’t keep defaulting to the patterns that deplete you and get you stuck in survival mode.

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Red Flags for the
Leader / perfectionist

Look out for these warnings signs that you’re headed for overwhelm:

Dark Arrow

You know you’re pushing yourself too hard, but it feels like you can’t stop.


Your work / life has stopped feeling fun and challenging, and instead, feels like a backbreaking grind.


Your self-doubt kicks into overdrive. You start to second guess your decisions and lose confidence in yourself.

3 Simple steps to stop the slide into overwhelm

Or to climb back out if you're deep in it!


Release an expectation, right now, to see what happens.

What’s an expectation you’ve set for yourself or your household that’s causing you stress, that you could experiment with loosening, lessening… or letting go of entirely? What happens when you do?

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Embrace ‘imperfect rest’.

Rest and relaxation are two activities that aren't goal-oriented, which explains why you might find them tricky sometimes. But let's flip that story on its head. What small, not-so-perfect act of rest can you create space for today? Maybe it's taking a five-minute break with a cup of tea in the garden. Or perhaps it's going for a walk around the block, without filling your ears with the usual brain-stimulating podcasts.

Dotting moments like these throughout your day can help you nurture yourself and fill your own tank — just don't let them become another "goal" you have to tick off your to-do list!

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Reach out for support.

As someone who’s highly capable and used to seeming like they’re always in control, this might feel like foreign territory. But asking for help can make a huge difference — so it’s worth pushing through your discomfort!

Think of a task that someone else might be able to take off your plate — doing the school run? Cooking dinner for you? Taking the kids for a few hours? Help is often more available than we think, if only we’re brave enough to ask for it.

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Be gentle with yourself on this journey. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your overwhelm.

But by taking small, simple steps in the right direction, you can make a BIG difference to how you feel day to day.

How does all that feel, lady?

Does it resonate? Does it hit home? Do you feel seen?! 👀

It’s important to remember, our Overwhelm Type isn’t who we are, it’s just the pattern we get  stuck in when overwhelm hits. 

It’s also not set in stone: there are SO many steps you can take to turn the tables on overwhelm and get back in control — with ease, on your own terms, in your own time.

I’ll be sharing some simple but genius strategies with you in your inbox over the next few weeks, so stay very tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re itching to dive deeper straight away, you can check out the podcast links below.

Sending love!

Lisa xx

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