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CwL Ep 127 Why your morning coffee matters

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In this episode Lisa explores how simple tweaks to your morning can completely reframe how you feel throughout the day. And how when we do this, consistently, we end up creating a completely new identity – which is the most powerful way to change your behaviour long-term! 

Listen in as she shares how to make your morning coffee or tea or smoothie or water – MATTER! 

The simplest things are often the most powerful.

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Hey, it’s Lisa Corduff. Welcome to the podcast where you can expect inspiring, raw, energising, and transformative conversations with people on the path of personal evolution. I’m here to really live my life, and if you are too, these conversations are just for you. I’m really glad you are here. Enjoy.

Hey, it’s Lisa. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. I’m sitting here in fake tan that needs to be washed off very, very shortly, so this is probably going to be a quick conversation, and I wanted to talk about our morning coffee or tea or smoothie or lemon water or whatever it is. Here’s something that I am noticing so much in the change room. So hundreds of women have gone through the change room so far this year. If you are a change roomer, hey, if you are not, I think you really should be, because what’s happening in there is just the most amazing things. And after everything that I’ve learned about women and about behaviour change and habits and your subconscious mind and all the stories you tell yourself, all of that of stuff, all the best bits of everything that I’ve ever taught and that deliver the most practical outcomes for women in terms of their life in the change room, it’s a really powerful program and here’s why It, it’s been really, really interesting.

We start off that course with applying the basic principles that you learn when you enter the change room to our mornings. And I cannot even tell you the amount of feedback I continue to get. There was just an email the other day saying, Lisa, I seriously can’t believe that I am now a person who gets up at five 30 and goes for a walk in the mornings and enjoys it. And who even am I? And I sit down and I enjoy my morning cup of coffee, or women who write to me and they say, Lisa, I never realised the difference it would make for my mornings to get up just half an hour before everybody else and have that time in my house to myself. Or I always used to complain that I was racing out the door and I didn’t get myself ready. Now I get myself ready first and then get everybody else ready.

All these tiny, tiny little tweaks and changes and women are experiencing life completely differently and mornings matter. And there was just, I give a whole staff stack of examples, things from my life, basic things that just improve how I feel every day. And it has been amazing to see how many women out of these hundreds feel really different when instead of drinking their coffee on the fly, they just sit down and actually enjoy their cup of coffee. They choose where they do that. I mean, I remember one of our first calls and a beautiful change, roomer just said, I, I’m sitting outside on my veranda just looking at the birds in the morning, and I do it on my own. Sometimes my kids come out and I try not to see it as an interruption, but just welcome them in. They can have the moment too. And I, it’s completely changed how I feel like yes, yes, it does.

And that simple, simple act, choosing how and where you drink your morning tea or coffee or smoothie or lemon water or whatever it is that you drink, but just actually being intentional about it, just sitting down, being present to that moment, making it pleasurable for yourself can really change how you feel. And I wanted to share this because those sorts of tiny little things, I am so passionate about, how much of an impact those small changes can have on how we feel can set ourselves up completely differently. For our days, mornings do matter, and if you own your mornings, how you do them then all power to you. But without a doubt, every single woman who has entered the change room has made tweaks, small tweaks to her morning and feels completely different as a result. It’s like the most amazing bang for buck experience.

And obviously, they’re guided through that experience. And there’s reasons why the changes stick. If you are, you’ve been a part of Ready for Change or any of my other programs that where I’ve shared about our subconscious mind and its importance and the importance of changing our story, what ends up happening to women inside the change room is that they change the story of who they are. They change the story of what they prioritise. They change their story of how good they can feel in the life that they’re living. It is really, really powerful. And it’s just so interesting to me how that simple act of where we have that morning drink, whatever it is, I keep saying coffee because for me it’s a coffee. How I do that, the little rituals that I have around that are lovely. Yes. To me. Why shouldn’t it be a lovely moment? And you might say, I’ve got no time to sit down and enjoy it. And I want you to question that even just two minutes. Two minutes to just be with that drink <laugh>, to take yourself to a different location, to sit down with it instead of stand up and chug it down. There is so much pleasure available to us if we get present to it, if we actually shift our focus to that.

And it’s, it’s a beautiful thing and I’m so proud of the change Roomers, and I just wanted to share that with you here because it is something that’s available to everyone. And obviously the way that when women enter the change room, they are taken on a journey. They’re taken on a journey, a very, very specific intentional journey with me that helps them change the story of who they are, which I have always believed is necessary for sustained ongoing change. It always starts with small steps. The women who are now making their bed, as soon as they get out of the shower, or as soon as they get out of bed, they make their bed before they leave their room and loving themselves sick because they come back into their room and their bed is made and all it took was an extra 30 seconds in the morning. But we forget that we’ve got these choices. We create stories about what our mornings have to be, and we forget that we can change the story.

If you aren’t on the wait list for when we open the doors to the change room, I suggest you do that because you always hear about things first, and sometimes there’s nice delicious little surprises for being on that waitlist. The link is in the show notes, but for now, just go ahead and think about how you have your morning coffee, tea, smoothie, water juice, whatever it is, and how available you are for that to be a pleasurable experience. Ah, isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it just totally amazing that all these choices exist for us and yet we just mostly continue doing things the same way every single day? I find human behaviour so fascinating. Go ahead and write to me and let me know if you end up switching up your morning drink routine after listening to this. I would definitely love to know. Okay, I’m going to go wash off this fake tan. I hope I haven’t left it on too long. Okay, see you. Hey, thanks for listening to the podcast. I have a quick favour to ask you. Firstly, if you got value from this podcast and you know someone else who might be interested in listening, it helps so much when you go ahead and share that you have enjoyed the podcast. You can do that on your social platforms or even when you’re just chatting to your friends. I so appreciate that. And the other thing, know it might take like 30 seconds of your time, but we love reading your reviews of the podcast. You can go ahead and do that on your podcast platform of choice. It really, really makes my day to read them and to know this stuff valuable to you. Again, for listening. I really appreciate you being here.

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