CwL Ep32: How To Find The Inner Lessons From Quarantine

It’s often in times of crisis that we discover new truths about ourselves…

So what have these past few months of #craziness revealed about YOU? What have you learned about yourself, what you need, and how you function best? And most importantly of all, how are you going to create space for those needs, moving forward?

In this episode, I reveal the 3 biggest things I’ve learned about myself during the covid shutdown. (#1 was a gimme, but #2 took me by surprise!) 

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • Why I need time away from my kids… and why I don’t feel guilty about it
  • Who’d have thought I’d be doing more of THIS healthy habit during lockdown?!
  • Why it’s CRUCIAL that we reframe our need for rest (and why you deserve it, right now, no caveats)
  • How I find time for rest, even with 3 kids around
  • My current formula for deep relaxation (hint: there’s no Netflix, no phone, and no guilt!)
  • What do you want your ‘new normal’ to be, when this is all over?
  • How to make sure this time hasn’t been for nothing
  • What can you no longer ignore about your life?


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“You don’t have to prove anything, justify anything, clean anything in order to be able to claim your own space.” – Lisa Corduff

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