CwL Ep33: Case Study: Real Life Transformation with Alecia and Janine

In this special episode we’re revisiting a chat I had earlier this year with two women — Janine and Alecia — who have both created major shifts in their life using tools they learned in Ready For Change.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Why letting go of ‘mum guilt’ is essential (and the crazy stuff that happens when you decide to prioritise your own needs)
  • How Ready For Change was the catalyst that saw Alecia lose 20 kilos, lower her cholesterol, and start doing outdoor activities with her kids that she never thought she’d be able to do
  • Why it’s so damn easy for women to postpone their own happiness, put everyone else first, and feel like “this is all there is” (and why that does NOT have to be your end game)
  • What happens to your family and your relationship when YOU change? (Both women have epic stories about the “spillover effect” of the program, and how the people around them — their kids! partners! mums! — began adopting new behaviours and communication techniques)
  • Why Ready For Change is one of the only online programs they’ve ever finished (this bit made me so happy!)

Alecia even shares how she thought the program “sounded silly” before she joined (I LOVED that she shared this), and why she’s so glad she overcame her initial hesitation and joined anyway.

If you ever wondered what REAL people experience from Ready For Change (rather than just hear me bang on about it all the time!), you’re not going to want to miss this conversation.


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