CwL Ep31: How To Be More Mindful (Even When Life Is Crazy) With Fleur Chambers

Have you ever tried to practice mindfulness at home… and gotten crazy frustrated when your kids suddenly found every excuse under the sun to push your buttons?!

Or maybe you’ve sat down to meditate, and 3 seconds later been bombarded with snack requests and phone pings… then completely lost your cool?!

Can you relate? Me too. Mindfulness can feel out of reach when you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm and kids pulling you in all directions…

But today’s guest, Fleur Chambers, is here to show us how a few simple reframes can help you find more moments of peace and zen in amongst the crazy.

Fleur is a mindfulness and meditation teacher and creator of The Happy Habit app, who has supported over 600,000 people in 30 different countries to feel happier from the inside out.

Her insights and realistic, real-mum strategies will inspire you to take action and prioritise your self-care — even if you’re used to putting yourself last, and even if you’re a recovering perfectionist.

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • What a meditation practice looks like when you’ve got 3 kids (LOVE what she shares here!)
  • Are your expectations killing your chance at inner calm? Here’s how to let them go
  • Why “zen bliss” is NOT the goal of meditation
  • “If I can’t meditate properly, what’s the point?” and other ways that mums sabotage themselves
  • It’s okay if meditation feels really hard… here’s how to get better
  • The deathbed realisation that meditation can help us avoid
  • Do you actually *like* yourself? If not, here’s how meditation can help
  • How to stop getting so distracted
  • Powerful ways to strengthen your neural pathways
  • How Fleur hit rock bottom… and how she worked her way out of it

So if you’re after a no-BS conversation about what mindfulness REALLY looks like amongst the hubbub of daily life, and how to free yourself from crippling high standards and perfectionism, then press play — this one’s for you.


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