Wednesday February 12th

5 Ways To Take Control of 2020 & Make Changes That Stick

(even if you feel “behind” already!)

If it feels like January whooshed by in a blur, you’re not alone. There was SO much going on in the world, not to mention school holidays to get through… 

… so if you’re only just catching your breath now, that’s totally okay!

Of course, now that the calendar has ticked over and we’re officially in February, it’s easy for some panic to kick in — “Eeek, I’ve barely even THOUGHT about my goals for the year, let alone made any progress on them!”

If you can relate, I want you to know: it’s not too late to make those changes you’ve been hungry for. And it’s not too late to turn 2020 into your best year yet...

In this FREE live interactive workshop, I’m sharing the brain tools and mindset strategies that will shift you into gear, so you can start making headway — fast.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get momentum going now that New Year’s has passed (and not be derailed by the story that “you’ve left it too late” to hit your goals)

  • Why you aren’t changing even though you REALLY want to… and the simple reframe that will set you up to create big shifts

  • How to free yourself from self-sabotage and excuses (even if you’ve struggled with them for decades)

  • How to rewire your brain so you can easily follow through on stuff — even if you’re prone to procrastination or quitting

  • The fastest way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

The only thing that will make 2020 different is if YOU are different. Stop banging your head against the same brick wall! Come learn how to create actual lasting change so you can finish off February with massive wins under your belt already.


Wednesday 12th February, 8:30pm AEDT

See you there!


Hey! I’m Lisa Corduff and I help extraordinary women just like you get unstuck and create real and lasting change in their lives using practical mindset strategies (and a stack of inspiration!) Because the world needs more women owning their worth and power.

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