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CwL Ep29: The Big Question I’m Asking Myself About Post-COVID Life

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We’re still knee-deep in shutdown mode, so the kids and I have been shaking things up to inject some fun into our evenings… and absolutely loving the switch-up.

Which got me thinking: 

… Why have we all bought into the idea that bath / dinner / bed is the “right” way to do night times (especially if it’s not working for you and your family)?

… Who wrote the rules about what our lives are “supposed” to look like?

… And what other areas of our lives are we subconsciously following these “rules” when there might be a better (and more fun) alternative?

This episode is a short one, but it’s a biggie. When the shutdown ends, we’ll have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to draw a line in the sand and choose which routines and habits we want to take forward with us, and which ones we want to leave behind. So NOW’s the time to start getting intentional, and thinking about what you want your “new normal” to be…

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • How we’ve shaken up our night time routine (and why the kids are having a ball)
  • The big question I’m asking myself, for when this shutdown is all over
  • What happens to your brain when you really want to create change
  • The truth about self sabotage (and why it keeps happening)
  • Are you attached to what 2020 was *supposed* to be like? Here’s one way to loosen your grip
  • How to write your own rules for what your life looks like
  • Getting intentional about creating your “new normal”

So if you want to learn how to inject more joy into your day to day life, shed the stuff that’s not serving you, and start creating a new normal… this episode is for you.


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