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CwL Ep 133  New Year’s Resolution Mistake #2

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We all know it’s not enough to simply ‘want’ something to change. 

We know that it takes more than that and YET we continue to take a ‘set and forget’ vibe with New Year’s Resolutions. 

Saying what you want is only one tiny piece of the puzzle.

Find out how to support your brain too create the change you desire in this episode. 

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Hey, it’s Lisa Corduff. Welcome to the podcast where you can expect inspiring, raw, energising, and transformative conversations with people on the path of personal evolution. I’m here to really live my life, and if you are too, these conversations are just for you. I’m really glad you are here. Enjoy.

Okay, next on the list, the mistakes that we make with new resolutions, and that is the kind of set and forget approach that many of us assume is okay, and by this I mean we can’t just say we want something and then have it happen. Most of the time when it comes to making a really positive change to our lives, we don’t actually build in any support around it. No accountability, <laugh>. We rely on ourselves to keep this thing front and centre and staying top of our focus, which is what a new habit really does need to be because you’re basically creating new neural pathways in your brain that actually takes your brain work and our brains, our beautiful, amazing brains have so many inputs. There are so many different demands on our time, our attention, our energy, our brain is a constant filter for what’s important, so it’s seeing absolutely everything that’s going on and what our brain, our eyes are seeing, everything.

Our ears are hearing everything, and yet we’re just tuning in to the things that we perceive as the most important, and that’s okay. It’s going to change all the time. Whatever is important, but if you set a New Year’s resolution to do something new and you expect to not have to remind yourself of that multiple times a day, then you’ve already lost, because I’m here to tell you that’s not how brains work. We are required to repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat thoughts and behaviours until they become automatic. If you want to become automatic, and this is why every single time I’ve created a change programme, it has always made the changes that you seek small, as small, as small, as small and achievable as possible so you can build that new pathway. It’s hard work for your brain and just, I don’t know. As a parent, I can so easily get distracted by pretty much anything.

I mean, we have a huge distraction tool within arm’s reach of us most of the time, right? Our digital devices, our phones, let alone little people or potentially older people demanding our attention. If your New Year’s resolution really matters to you, then you need to find ways to keep it front and centre for you. It’s why in the change room, which is my three-month transformational program, I’m in your earbuds every second day keeping you reminded. Because I’ve done this work for so long, I know that that’s necessary to create change that sticks, and it’s why in the upcoming clear it out, declutter sprint. The first thing that we do is clear some of these inputs because you’ve got so many, so we can clear some beautiful space in your head. There is so much going in and do the impact those inputs have, what you are choosing to consume, what you are spending your time on.

Imagine you replaced one time. I mean, no, I’m going to tell you, go and register for the sprint because if you struggle with this, if the things that are important to you keep on flying off the radar, if you get distracted by all the things, if there’s conversations that you’re in that lower your vibe, or if there’s media that you are consuming that is unhelpful and puts you into comparisonitis or despair, we need to talk about that. We need to clear some inputs so that you can keep what’s important to you front and centre for your amazing brain. That is just filtering, filtering, filtering. Don’t set and forget. You need to set and freaking remind yourself all the time. It’s just not enough to set a resolution and hope for the best. It’s not the way change works. It doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

It just means you need to work with your brain, which is always the work that I do with women who are ready to create that long-term sustained change that they’ve been probably resolving for or wishing for a very long time and has never actually eventuated. I help you make it happen. If you want to get involved for free, join the sprint or the doors to the change room are open, and right now is the last time that you’re going to be able to get that program for the price that I kicked it off as kicked it off at last year when I first launched it. We are raising the price in March. If you want to get involved in the change room, then the best time is now to secure it at $297 or four payments of $74.25. Go for it.

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