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CwL Ep 132  New Year’s Resolution Mistake #1

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In this episode, Lisa shares a super common mistake most people make with their resolutions. 

They simply ‘add it to their list’ without doing something super important at the same time. This short episode will remind you that you don’t have endless capacity and give you a simple solution for setting yourself up for success.

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Hey, it’s Lisa Corduff. Welcome to the podcast where you can expect inspiring, raw, energising, and transformative conversations with people on the path of personal evolution. I’m here to really live my life, and if you are too, these conversations are just for you. I’m really glad you are here. Enjoy. Okay, so this short, sharp, snappy, Snuffy series is all about the mistakes that we make when we set news resolutions.

It is kind of strange that we keep doing it and it doesn’t really work, and we should be asking ourselves better questions about why it is possible to create healthy, positive changes in your life. But the way that we do it kind of sets ourselves up for failure. And here’s the first reason why. In 2022, I ran a survey. I collected data from about 1500 women, and the data very clearly showed that, I mean, it was something like 70% of women hadn’t felt foot full of energy for at least six months, that there was a huge majority of women that only get between one to three hours of me time per week for themselves. There was a huge amount that were also not getting enough sleep and not even doing the things that they knew would help them <laugh> get more sleep. The whole picture was just basically overwhelmed, tired, domestic load and mental load off the charts, not taking care of themselves in the ways that they know would help them because they’re just, there’s too much on their plate, and so this is the first thing that we get wrong.

We go right ahead and set a new resolution to do something extra when we’ve already got too much on our plate, and in fact, that’s actually why I have created Clear It Out, which is a declutter sprint where we’re going to just actually create some space because this is what we get wrong. We’ve already got too much. So if you are going to go ahead and add in a new exercise regime or something like that, and you haven’t figured out what you are not going to be doing in order to make room for that, then do you really think that it’s going to happen? If you want more, then take something out. I remember being married to someone who had a rule because he hated clutter that if something came into our house, something else had to go. And I think that we need to apply that here.

So while it’s a wonderful thing to go, no, this is the year where this is going to happen and I am going to walk three times a week or something like that, well, okay, what won’t you be doing on those other three days? You won’t be sleeping in, you will be going to bed earlier the night before, so you are not going to compromise on sleep because we can’t keep adding more without looking at how that that’s actually going to happen and stripping some stuff away. It might even be thoughts you need to strip away. So much of this is mental new habits don’t just happen, and in fact, I’m going to be sharing more about that coming up. But I do want to share today that if you are someone who has added something to your list, something to your agenda, there’s an extra that you want to achieve this year, then you have to look at what can go if you are not yet registered for Clear it out. It is my three day declutter sprint. It is happening this February, and you can go get registered right now. It’s totally free, and we are going to clear space in your head, in your home, and in your schedule. Sound good? Register via the link in the show notes and I’ll see you there.

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