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CwL Ep 126 – I don’t dance on reels

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This episode is all about rules that are made to be broken.

It’s about finding your way back to fun and joy and not taking everything too seriously.

It’s about dancing to the beat of your own drum and the opportunity we all have to reset and light the fire within ourselves again.

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Hey, it’s Lisa Corduff. Welcome to the podcast where you can expect inspiring, raw, energising, and transformative conversations with people on the path of personal evolution. I’m here to really live my life and if you are too, these conversations are just for you. I’m really glad you are here. Enjoy. Hey there. So if you’re following along, you’ve probably seeing that

I launched Ready to Reignite and we closed the doors for that this Friday. So I did just want to start this episode with a heads up. Go to if you want to spend two weeks with me. Just let’s, let’s get that spark back. Listen, I know that 2022 has been hard for so many women. It really, as I said in last two week’s episode has been a year no other. It really has, and I know we could say that about every year, but this has been bit weird. And I think acknowledging that and also acknowledging that it’s okay to have that be a moment in time and that gathering some new tools, gathering some new energy is absolutely a perfectly okay thing to want to do. I don’t think we’re particularly good at dropping things. We get caught in habits of Seasons and it’s sometimes it’s hard to move out of them. So we are reigniting that spark and I am sharing with you some of the things that help me do that this year. Get into it, it’s going to be fabulous. Even if you can’t join in real time over the two weeks, you get to keep all of the resources and you can move through it. Oh my gosh, it’s such a delicious thing to do for yourself over the summer break or the festive break if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. But today I just wanted to talk a little bit about

Dancing on reels. Do you follow me on Instagram? I hope you do. I have a lot of fun over there. The reels don’t really get seen on in Facebook land, so if you follow me on Facebook and expect to see my stuff, you mostly probably see the written posts. That’s what seems to get most reach there on Instagram. It’s totes the reels. And I had this pretty hard and fast rule that, and it’s even, it’s in my bio that I don’t dance on reels and I’m kind of a bit of a piss take now because I find one of the funniest things that I can do is to dance on reels. But okay, so here’s the thing. I just want to share this with you, and I promise you there is a lesson here for all of us. In the end reels came out. I thought, this is made for me.

I love creating video content, short form video, bring it. This is made for me. And then I just kind of didn’t really embrace it. I was just looking around at people using it. So I don’t know when this was. Was it in the covid years that real started? Anyway I was just heads down, bum up. Really. I’m learning and doing all those sorts of things, but it was just sort of having a little bit of a go at reals. And I found it a really great way to just get short, sweet messages out there. And I mean, I’ve had some reels reach like 70,000 people and it’s always very, very random. What makes that happen? Usually nothing to do with my actual business offerings or the real meaningful stuff that I spend a lot of time on. It’s usually just something quite random and funny, which is a lesson in itself, right?

Oh, could we just take ourselves off seriously Anyway? I know some people love if you are a business owner and you have a beautifully curated feed and you find it hard maybe to show up and do all that sort of stuff and someone manages your social media and all of that sort of stuff. All power to you. If that is what works for you and helps your business grow, awesome. I’ve had a crack at outsourcing social media over the years, once or twice. And if falls flat every single time I do not have a strategy of carousel and reels and testimonials and there’s all this stuff. If you are in this world, exactly what I’m talking about, there’s like formulas for success with this stuff and I’ve literally never followed it, which is probably why I have what, 11 or 12,000 people following me on Instagram and maybe close to 40,000 on Facebook anyway I really just try to have as much fun as possible.

Is my strategy every single time I post, I think, is this going to make someone smile? Is someone going to learn something from this? Is this a way to help my community know me a little bit better, trust me a little bit more? Is this genuine and real and valuable to put in the world or is this just taking up space? So there’s always thought behind things, but I’m certainly not someone who follows all the rules, but I make my own little internal rules. And one of them was like, fucking, what is going on? Why are all these grown women <laugh> standing there pointing at stuff and dancing, I don’t understand this vibe. I’m never ever doing that. That’s just not who I am. And then things started to get really next level. Then we’re got the transitions and people are changing what they’re wearing all of a sudden and it’s like, hang on, what things just went really next level and suddenly Lisa’s lovely little meaningful <laugh>, 62nd, 92nd, whatever, they’re little sound bites of life or something helpful that is just easier to say than it is to write, which is usually why I do them.

So anyone who’s following me and looking for social media advice, don’t do that for Instagram.

But I definitely did see that things were changing and that what I was doing well, it just wasn’t sort of getting into people’s feeds anymore. And because if you’ve done ready for change, I don’t create stories around this stuff that means that I’m boring or no one cares or any of that stuff. That’s never my vibe. It’s more like, okay, how can I have more fun with this? How can I get this helpful stuff that I hope is helpful to the people who want to hear it or read it and not just fade away in the background? And so it sort of felt a bit like, do I need to be pointing at shit? What do I do? Trending audios? God, there’s so much to learn. Honestly, I mean, tick’s a whole new thing and I haven’t really gone there yet, but I do want to have a crack because I actually really enjoy creating video.

But when I’m told that there’s rules around it, I struggle because I don’t, I’ve never followed the rules. I have very, very strong opinions about what makes good social content and sometimes I nail it for myself, sometimes I don’t. But I’m always experimenting and always trying on my terms. I actually think there’s a very, very lost art of community building going on social media. I think there’s a lot of people who are just popping content out there, which is awesome, but it just doesn’t give anything. People can’t talk about it. But also at the way that algorithms have changed, I don’t know, it’s not the way not, it used to be when I started out 10 years ago on Facebook and had a sweat moustache in my kitchen, was just showing people the mess. And what I was feeding the kids for dinner that night was like, everyone saw it.

That doesn’t happen anymore. That’s okay. This isn’t a whinge fest. This is about the rules that we make for ourselves and how to know when to break the rules. So I was noticing all this sort of going down and then I, I’m actually, I listen to music a lot. It’s the one thing that I tell everyone all the time in every single program to shift your energy, shift your mood. Oh my God, just turn on some music that you love and it has power over us that very smart people understand. And I just use and abuses because I just know it. We know that feeling of one of our favourite songs coming on and then just tapping to the beat and I thought, well maybe I just have fun with this myself. I’m stop looking around, stop thinking that I have to follow someone else’s rules or formula and just have a crack and well it <laugh> time.

I’m playing some music, I’m having a little bit of a songy song, singy sing, whatever it is, even when I’m trying not to dance. But then just accidentally dance the real, those reels get a whole stack of reach. And I started to think that it’s actually got nothing to do with algorithms. Algorithms or anything like that. It’s actually that my community just enjoy seeing people having a good time. You feel moved by music. You feel moved when you see someone else having fun. And so that became the new rule. Am I having fun with this? Does this feel fun and good to me? Or am I feeling like I’m doing this because I have to? So I don’t do them all the time. I do them when the mood is taking me. And I just decided to make it fun. I cannot, I am not here in this lifetime.

And I don’t think we get caught in this trap of taking so much so seriously and we feel like if I just do it like them or if I just follow that playbook or if I just stick to that diet or regime or whatever, I’ll have the outcome come and we take it so seriously and we put ourselves in these tiny little boxes. And we are not meant to be in boxes. That’s not what life is all about. I’m not here to live a life in a box. I’m actually here for full self-expression, full self-exploration for pleasure and fun and connection, real actual connection.

And it turns out Instagram reels has been like a playground for that, a place to explore all of that. 100% I should probably do a course on reels so that they can look better and be more effective. Sure. But I will always make things to what feels good to me. And you get to do that too. And I really think that the survey on women that I did, I can’t even tell you how much I think about that survey and where we’re actually all really at and just the very real level of depletion and the amount of women who don’t even know what to do when they get some time to themselves. I mean that is saying something that is a huge level of disconnection from yourself. And I can absolutely see how it happens.

Not your fault, but it is happening. It’s happening on mass that where like a generation of women who have to actively figure out how to break out of the box that weirdly we actually create for ourselves. We create the rules that we live by and sometimes we need to put a question mark over them. Sometimes they’re not serving us in the season that we are in. They were for a previous season this year. I have needed to be quiet a bit, observe a bit, reflect recalibrate. There’s a lot of buzz words right now that I’m just using in a row <laugh>. And then I needed to know when it was time to shift that.

And in ready to reignite, I share five things that have really, really helped me, really helped me through this. And that’s why I’m making it available now. So that over summer when I hope you have a break, I’ll certainly be having a break. We can use it. We can play with these concepts, these tools, and we can actually move into a new year in a new way. Hello, bringing on the cliches again, but I really quite genuinely mean that we get to make the rules for ourselves. Have you boxed yourself inside a life that doesn’t feel fun or light or you don’t trust yourself to break the rules a little bit, experiment dance on some freaking reels. You get to decide and give yourself permission to do that.

And oh my goodness, I am sure I post those reels and just think, you know what, I’m just unattached to what happens because making it was so fun that I believe it will be received in the way it’s meant to be received. No matter if you know people who follow me and aren’t as into John Farnum don’t appreciate it, I don’t care where are you living your life by outdated rules. If you are ready to reignite, I really encourage you to jump into this program. It’s $97 and you get to keep these resources. I promise you it’s going to be filled with value and it’s going to be this sort of energetic reset that you might need to shake off 2022, whatever it’s been for you and bring a new energy for the new year. We get to choose that. And if you’d like some help jump on in.

There is something extra special there for women who are also in business. So if you are running your own thing and well, you’ve been put through the ringer this year, I totally get it and understand it’s been tough. So because I like to share really openly because I don’t think anyone is served by smoke mirrors. I’m running two sessions for women in business. I mean it’s an extra 200 bucks, which I think you will get extraordinary value from those sessions. I just want as many women as possible to access these tools before the end of the year because I know it hasn’t been easy. So let’s do this together. Jump on in before Friday and I’ll see you Monday 21st of November.

Hey, thanks for listening to the podcast. I have a quick favour to ask you. Firstly, if you got value from this podcast and someone else who might be interested in listening, it helps so much when you go ahead and share that you have enjoyed the podcast, you can do that on your social platforms or even when you’re just chatting to your friends are so appreciate that. And the other thing, I know it might take like 30 seconds of your time, but we love reading your reviews of the podcast. You can go ahead and do that on your podcast platform of choice. It really, really makes my day to read them and to know that this staff is valuable to you. Thanks again for listening. I really do appreciate you being here.

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