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CwL Ep125 – A year like no other

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Like many people, Lisa has found 2022 to be a bumpy year for a load of different reasons. In this episode, she shares what’s been going on behind the scenes and gets honest about what has helped the most.

As someone who has spent well over six figures on personal development and coaching and masterminding – Lisa moved away from that stuff this year to do completely different work on herself. 

Gentler, quieter, more personal. Getting her to a more grounded, more honest, much more aligned position in her work and her personal life.

It hasn’t felt sexy or explosive – it’s been revelatory and often quite tiring. 

But it has helped. 

In an exclusive, live, two-week experience Lisa is sharing five tools she’s picked up along the way that helped her use her voice again, trust her inner knowing, honour the season she was in, dream bigger than she ever has (and take action towards things that REALLY matter) and meet herself lovingly in the messy middle. 

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Hey, it’s Lisa Corduff. Welcome to the podcast where you can expect inspiring, raw, energising, and transformative conversations with people on the path of personal evolution. I’m here to really live my life and if you are too, these conversations are just for you. I’m really glad you are here. Enjoy.

Hey, so had a few weeks break in your podcast. We did a big launch of the change room, which is so exciting and always just amazing to witness women jumping into something and investing in themselves. So I just thought, you know, while that’s going on, I’m just going to take a breather from the potty, reset myself and figure out how we’re going to see out the rest of the year. And it’s so funny because I am recording this on a day where the last few days in Melbourne have been such crazy weather. So reflective, I think of what 2022 has felt like for me. The bright sun mornings, that feeling of possibility and summer to come and all the adventures you can have when it’s not freezing outside here has been a really, really long, cold, wet season. And then mid-afternoon something starts to happen. I’ve just closed my doors, the weather turns, start to hear, Random thunder might be a storm.

It’s like <laugh> what? And then yesterday it rained a bit and then just got really hot and steamy again. It sort of felt like my days back living in Queensland where you just have a summer storm that dumps and then it makes things even more humid on the other side. But it’s actually quite unusual. But that kind of thing in Melbourne, I mean we are four seasons in one day for sure. And I just feel like when I was noticing the weather, yep, thought it was a great day and getting cold and windy and well, yep, there’s some thunder. It really does feel like that’s kind of how 2022 has felt for me. And I wanted to share a little bit more about that. Nothing like a start of November and start of term four and oh my gosh, for me, my son is finishing primary school this year. I’ll have a high schooler next year. I just cannot believe it. And it feels like there’s a particular phase coming to an end and a year coming to an end and a year that has felt, I don’t know, just weird, really weird on many levels. And I’ve talked about it before and things are feeling so different. Thank goodness for me at this end of 2022 than how they were feeling six months ago.

And I mean thinking a lot about this, especially on the back of the survey on women that I did that was just absolutely fascinating and it’s really given me pause to just stop and think about where we’re actually really at and potentially how I might be able to help. I think my whole business, since I started it in 2012 as a Facebook page, which was just sharing recipes for Thermomixes because that’s what I was, became a Thermomix consultant when I moved to Brisbane because I wanted to eat more Whole Foods and I wanted one of those machines and we couldn’t afford one. So I thought, well, I’ll just become a consultant and make some friends cook for people. Anyway, that took me on a whole adventure and I started a Facebook page and I’ve always just wanted to share what I’m learning in case it helps someone else. And I think this year has really been about me getting back to the core of why I continue to show up. And that’s really it.

I don’t claim to be particularly an expert on many things. I’ve experienced things, I’ve learned things, I’ve been lucky enough to learn from some great people. I’ve stretched myself outside my comfort zone and that has led me to learning new things and then I share them <laugh>. And it’s really as simple as that. And what I felt like was starting to happen was I didn’t have anything to share anymore because I wasn’t in a stage of my life of striving and extending my myself and getting super uncomfortable because most people, after the last few years of the pandemic, I was seeking comfort and seeking peace and just normality the wrong word, but you know what I’m trying to say? Trying to find that place within myself that wasn’t dysregulated. And so, you know, turned to things. I turned in would I made life regular again. I found my feet again. But it wasn’t in a way that felt like something I wanted to share or that felt particularly helpful to anyone. And I realise now that this year is the first year that I really haven’t been involved in any coaching or masterminds for myself. I have pulled away from that space where you always have to be doing more striving for more, building more.

I was not in that season this year. What I did was invested more than I ever have before in therapy and in healing. There’s been some bumpy physical challenges that have required my attention for me and my children. I’ve got to say children and their health has come back on the agenda and I think it has for so many of us as we’ve been like, Why are they getting sick? So certain things have become a bit more obvious. After two years of not regular schooling and regular socialising and all that stuff, there’s been some big things to deal with and I needed to just slow ride down in order to be able to deal with them. But I felt frustrated at that sometimes. I didn’t like it. I much prefer the feeling like I have endless capacity. I think 2022 after the last few years, I was like, Woo, I want to be bouncing back.

I’m not bouncing back. What’s going on? Let’s pay attention to this. Let’s honour this season. Let’s give it what it needs. And so it’s been a funny old year. It hasn’t been a year of growth in terms of my business revenue, although where I have ended up because I gave myself space and room and actually started to deal with the things that were unravelling me without knowing. And also just acknowledging the impact that the last few years has had on my physicality and my bounce back ability. And also just learning from what became a new pace, a new way of being, less adrenaline rush, less frantic race to the finish line, create deadlines, work hard to get them, then crash at the other side more. What is a reasonable pace here? What allows a continued connection with my children continued peace and harmony in my home and in my heart. It’s been a really deep exploration. And by the end of this year, I have a brand new plan for 2023 that never would have been created if I just kept my head down focused on those old metrics of success. I needed to stop that for a minute.

I think that what I am creating and building towards right now is the most exciting chapter of all because the foundations are really solid. Because I am really solid and it has taken me a good while to get here. And I wanted to share this because

I think

If you have been in described as a leader, if you have stepped into a space of oh, how I would best describe it aside from leadership, it can be really hard when you, when you don’t feel like a leader, when I don’t feel like I felt in the weeds and I didn’t feel empowered in that place until I realised a few things. Until some I have basically just gathered a new set of tools this year, kind tools, loving tools just the most enriching and honest tools and I want to share them now. My kind of basic rules for life are found inside the change room. The six principles that we cover and we apply to different areas of our life are basically the six principles I live by <laugh>. And I just love seeing them out in the world in such a practical way, helping women. It is the most delicious thing and it’s, it’s been created after years and years and years of not only figuring myself out and having these things help me through tough times, having these things help me escalate myself even further from what I thought was possible for myself. But seeing them in the hands of other women who I have observed and I have known what they struggled with,

Honestly, it’s the best feeling. But I’m feeling also this end of 2022 vibe I want to share is there’s five of them, five specific tools that I came across this year through a range of different modalities that really did move me from feeling very ungrounded. Very like, Who the hell is Lisa? Have I lost my voice? Where is all this going? What do I even want anymore? I don’t get the world, I don’t get myself help. Can someone just throw me a line cause I, I’m not keeping my head above water here. These tools have been like a homecoming and I’ve never taught them before because at the time I, I’ve just been in this little world of Lisa and while I have loved launching our 30 days, 30 ways series, oh my gosh, the, that was such a joy. And I am busily working away on some more 30 days, 30 ways series while I used this time to create a new brand

In the change room. And we have so many amazing plans for that. And we launched the Change Crew, which is the community that supports you to keep trying new things on and upgrading different areas of your life. And that’s so exciting and we’ve done it in a brand new way. No more Facebook groups and all these years, 10 years of showing up online. And I am starting to get really honest with myself about what feels good to me as my family does move into a new stage of its life. There’s been some big things to contemplate. None of it felt extraordinary. It felt quiet, contemplative, it felt personal and it really was, has been a very, it’s been a year where some amazing things have happened, but to be honest, most of it has been happening behind the scenes. Oh, I am usually a learn it, share it kind of person.

This year’s felt different to that. This year has felt like consolidation in terms of everything that I have learned about myself, about you, about behaviour change, about our subconscious, about ways to engage people online so that they actually get results. I think that it’s been a year of looking around and feeling quite disillusioned about the industry that I’m a part of, to be honest. A lot of smoke and mirrors out there, a lot of smoke and mirrors. A lot of people who I know who are selling solutions to things that they haven’t even figured out for themselves. I don’t get it. I don’t get how people can be so deceitful and disingenuous really, especially in the business coaching world. It hurts my heart when I see a lot of what’s going on out there. But I’ve also really had a look at this personal development or self-growth, whatever it is that you call it, industry that I guess I have found myself a part of and I’ve a lot that I don’t like about it. <laugh> a lot that I can see is a big gas sometimes. And I, I’ve really had to sit with myself and see how I might be contributing in some ways to that. It’s made me get more honest with myself. It’s made me look at, look at what I teach and more rigorously, it’s made me change the way I deliver programs. More inclusive, more inclusive overall. And I am still learning so much about that stuff. It’s been a really, really important year. But it hasn’t felt like popping cork kind of

Success. It’s been quiet. It’s been quiet achievement things that I’m really proud of learning how to use my voice in different ways, noticing I wasn’t speaking up when I needed to about certain things in different contexts. Knowing that I find it easy to show myself compassion when things are going really well and when things aren’t. I needed to meet myself there and love myself anyway, knowing that just so much so of what we’ve learned or what we see on social media or things that are created by men a lot of the time and also by women, but just are caked in capitalist, patriarchal bullshit that doesn’t actually work for women. And trying to figure out what parenting looks like when you work from a different place. Even just thinking about the way in which I used to plan for a year and how I do that now. I’ve learned new concepts around all this sort of stuff. New ways to see things and practically apply them so that I’m showing up differently as myself. It’s just like the next layer of evolution I guess. And I’m going to share them these five sort of tools, I don’t know concept, I don’t know what to call them. I’ll figure that out

And I’m going to share them in a little two week experience for us

Because I don’t think that we can get everything in one hour and then you should just be left to go and implement stuff on your own. But we’re going to kick off with an hour live zoom call where I’m going to present these new things, new tools, and then I’m going to support you over 10 days where each one, I’m going to break down into two audios. So you get 10 audios. You can go back and listen to these as many times as you like. The hour-long session will be added as an audio too, so you can have it all in one spot. And I’ve created a workbook so that you can also take notes and work through things and apply them. And I think they’re really, really well. They’re going to help if this sort of stuff is resonating for you, if you have felt in a similar position. If you are someone who just wants to reclaim who they are now and work from this place and actually have 2023, feel different, man who is ready for that? Who is ready for that? I am. But I needed these quiet contemplative, but essentially hugely expanding tools to get me to that place.

So I’m sharing them, they’re tried and tested by me, <laugh> for what it’s worth. And then we’re going to come together after that two weeks and have a Q session together. So I know that a lot of us are looking at putting a bit of a lion under the sand. A lot of us are feeling depleted or it’s been this stop-start kind of year. I mean it’s been this stop-start kind of bloody few years, hasn’t it? And I’m hoping that these tools I’ve picked up this year and applied to my life have really put me on solid footing again, which means I can jump again, means I can bounce until I felt my feet on the ground. I couldn’t quite grasp it all.

I think that once you hear them and get supported to apply them to your life, they could be really helpful too. I’m just putting it out there. It’s totally up to you whether this is vibing with you. But I would love you to join me for that two weeks. I think we are going to have a really fun time together. I think it’s going to set you up for a new year that feels different. And this won’t be like anything I’ve ever taught before. So these are concepts that I have not taught before. I mean new times, new tools. And while it didn’t feel like there was growth happening through much of this year, <laugh>, I mean there always is. It’s impossible to stay still. It’s impossible. This appeals to you. Click the link in the show notes and jump on in. It’s going to be great. I’m just saying it’s going to be great. See you soon.

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