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Ep 28: The Stories That Hold Us Back

Karly and Lisa discuss how the stories we all have about ourselves keep us stuck in the same place, but they are nothing more than illusions. They talk self-awareness, proving your story wrong, and tactics to break well-worn habits. Show Notes 06:34 – How Lisa was held back for years by the beliefs that she…

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Ep 26: Second Round Syndrome is Real

Lisa and Karly have an honest conversation about how their second Mastermind launch fell short of their expectations – and why they are going ahead anyway in order to honour a far bigger vision. Show Notes 14:01 – Karly shares the expectations she and Lisa had for their second Mastermind launch, and why the reality…

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Ep 25: Investing in Yourself

Lisa and Karly talk about investing in yourself – whether that’s making time to rest, daily walks on the beach, reading a book, or attending a Mastermind retreat. The skills you learn, the breakthroughs you make, and the ripple effects on those around you mean investing in yourself is always worth it. Show Notes 01:32…

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