Are you finally

Ready for Change?

“I wish I knew how to get unstuck”

You’ve put soooo much effort into getting where you are now.

And yet still, you often look at your life and wonder:

How on earth did I get here?!
When did life become all about ‘surviving’, not thriving?
When did I stop going after the things that matter to me?

The overwhelming feeling you get, when you think about your life, is of being stuck.

Of being powerless. Of feeling like you have no way to create change.

It truly seems like you, your life, and your circumstances are all beyond your control.

Even more frustrating, you’re not even sure what you *want* anymore.

The only thing you’re a million percent certain about is that it’s not this.


So yeah, you know something needs to change...


(um, and is it even worth trying all over again?)

Because let’s face it, it’s not like you haven’t tried before.

You’ve tried many (many) times, and nothing seems to stick.

And it’s really freaking frustrating that no matter how many books you read, or podcasts you listen to, or inspirational people you follow on Instagram…

… you just can’t seem to translate any of it into genuine, lasting, meaningful change in your own life.

Sometimes you look around at the people who seem to crush all their goals — and who just generally rock at life — and you wonder (only half-jokingly)...

Umm, do they know something I don’t?!

Is there a secret playbook I missed out on?!

Why do other people seem to live their dream life so effortlessly, while I’m over here banging my head against the same brick wall for years on end?!

If any of this resonates with you then read on because I remember finding myself at this same point and recognising I needed new mental strategies. Pronto! The books I’d read, the leaders I followed online - it was all great - but I wasn’t LIVING the transformation I desired. I was witnessing it in other people but not getting it myself.

Stuck, indecisive, plateauing.

And completely blind as to what I was doing wrong.

Is this where you’re at today?


If you’re like me, you probably want a step-by-step practical process (with real-time support) to help you create the inner change you desire, right? 

Because let’s face it, there’s so much info and inspo out there - but it’s useless unless applied. 

And it’s so hard to know where to start or who to believe.

I knew in my heart that I had to make a change and I was sick and tired of just sitting around and waiting for things to change. I got to work (on what ACTUALLY makes a difference) and the results have been profound.


Do you have the feeling that you're meant for more, that you have a greater purpose that's waiting for you? There has to be more to life, right? More enjoyment, more money, better health and overall happiness. But, most of us are stuck on how to get it all. 

When I figured out that I didn’t have to wait for anything to change around me to start creating big shifts in my life - it felt like a revolution. And I felt powerful. You remember what that feels like, you know, you feel like you can do anything! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that feeling in your life again? 

As cliche as it sounds - but, all the change you want is already inside you. Just like in the Wizard of Oz when the wizard told Dorothy “it was in her the whole time.” The truth is, what you want is already in you and I’ve created the exact steps to help you create the life of your dreams.


READY FOR CHANGE is a revolutionary 5-week immersive experience

that shows you how to reprogram your thinking patterns using the latest brain-based tools and mindset strategies, so that you can:

  • break through long-standing blocks,
  • shift your behaviour with EASE,
  • and bring more of what you want into your life.

It all starts with my signature

‘Get Unstuck Method’.

(I know, original name! But trust me, it’s a game changer).

This simple, practical method will help you uncover the stories, thinking patterns, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, then show you *exactly* how to replace them with NEW stories and ‘programs’ that will take you wherever you want to go.

I’m not a tech person, but it’s kind of like updating your brain’s iOS.

Because here’s the thing: right now, your brain is still running the same programming that kept our ancestors safe in caveman times… but it totally doesn’t serve us as modern women in the modern world.

So we’re going to update it, so that you’re equipped with thinking patterns that help you go after what you want, that allow you to easily lay down new habits (or break old ones), and that make it a cinch to act in your own best interests. (No more self sabotage, no more banging your head against that same brick wall, and no more relying on willpower.)


In short,

the program will show you how to get your brain working for you, not against you.

And when that happens sweet lady, well, you just hold on for the ride, because your life will be forever different.

The best thing is, once you’ve learned this Method, you’ll be able to apply it again and again, in any area of your life that you choose.

You’ll be learning skills like how to follow through, how to apply what you learn, how to take action, how to be consistent, and how to overcome fear and procrastination.

So no matter what life area you’re talking about (health, fitness, business, career, parenting, spirituality, whatever), these skills and tools will make you better at it…

… which means the ROI on this program has the potential to be greater than any other investment you’ll make in yourself ever.

You can even teach this Method to the people around you. (I’m so glad I can teach this stuff to my kids, so they can use it their whole lives. Can you even imagine what might be possible, if you knew how to get your brain onside right from childhood?! It’s crazy to think about.)


Put as simply as possible

this program will show you how to create change in your life.

By changing your thoughts, you can change your whole life.

It’s as simple — and as revolutionary — as that.

And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

Lisa's completely changed the way I think

"Before I worked with Lisa I was stuck in so many limiting stories. She's completely changed the way I think. For example - I used to believe the only way for me to not be overwhelmed in the kitchen was to cook the same meals night after night. BUSTED! We eat so much variety these days.

But the best yet is that my husband and I booked a six-month adventure in Canada with our son when we realised that all the reasons we'd been telling ourselves it wasn't possible were COMPLETELY made up. Bucket list trip here we come."

- Karen Garner-Hamilton
Karen GH Profile

Here’s how I’m going to help you start transforming your life

Five weeks of lessons + live coaching + worksheets plus stacks of support inside our private Facebook Group.

All the content has been created with YOU in mind. New information delivered clearly and with practical actions to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Lots of access to me, a safe space to ask questions and a community of women who are ready to play at a totally new level.


Let's break it down...


In our Foundations Week you’ll learn how your brain literally works against you to create change and exactly how to overcome that! 

Other topics covered include: 

  • Being a ‘meaning making machine’ and how to stop torturing yourself. 
  • Why to never trust your negative thoughts.
  • Why you feel unhappy and how to be happy way.more.often.

In our Deep Dive week we are delving into all the stories that are keeping you stuck. You will bring to the surface cheeky hidden sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that you have taken as truth.

I’m not going to lie - it will be confronting when you start to see how YOU have limited yourself. But you’ll also experience an extraordinary sense of freedom.

Other topics covered include:

  • Getting clear on your values (so that you can create a life that feels aligned to them).
  • Exploring the topic of Choice and how to use it as a change-agent.
  • How to show up in your life with commitment and follow-through

This week we learn and apply (like a BOSS!) the Get Unstuck Method. A simple four-part process that you can apply to shift the stories that are keeping you stuck.

This is a practice that strengthens over time. But will make you the ultimate ‘bullshit detector’ in your life! 

This week will blow your mind with its simplicity and practicality. The change starts HERE!


Let’s get intentional about your life and the next steps you’ll take because you can now see that anything is possible. A roadmap writing of sorts, with the cobwebs cleared away you are free to design your life, just the way you’d like it.

Other topics covered include:

  • The consequences of ditching your stories.
  • How others will be affected by your transformation.
  • Navigating your new world order with confidence.

Honestly the best course I've ever completed

“You get bite-sized, manageable chunks of content each week and authentic homework activities that TRULY help you figure your shit out! The amount of sharing that goes on in the group is phenomenal. It's honestly the best course I've ever completed."

- Rachel Cash

So, if you want to ditch...

  • sneaky negative self-talk that paralyses you and keeps you small.
  • a lack of clarity about what you want.
  • living a life that feels completely unaligned to who you actually are RIGHT NOW (probably different to who you were five years or even one year ago!)
  • the inability to see what’s really holding you back. 

Then you are SO Ready for Change!

Let’s bust the stories that are keeping you stuck wide open together so you can get on with creating an amazing life. It’s possible. 

It’s possible NOW!


But… hang on… What did you say?

You’re scared?

Of course you are!

(I’m not surprised, and join the club)

Transformation takes you outside your comfort zone. If it doesn’t, you’re not growing. 

But stepping outside that comfort zone is really uncomfortable and daunting. So…. most people don’t do it.

Here’s a question...

is it your time to be brave and get a little messy?

(A-Types don’t freak out - it’s organised mess!)

The future you needs you to be courageous right now.

For sure it’s scary, what might it mean to step into your power? 

What might it mean to question beliefs you’ve had about yourself for a long time (potentially your whole life!)

I guess I only have one thing to say to this ...

Who are you NOT to uncover what’s holding you back from

living a life filled with happiness and success and purpose? 

The world, your family, your community - all need you operating from a truly empowered place. 

Your work on you has a MASSIVE ripple effect. Never doubt it’s transformative impact on the people around you.

It all starts on the inside.

It all starts with saying yes.



So tell me now - are you Ready for Change?

(scared and all?!)

Here’s how we get you from where you are now to where you want to be:


4 x Life-Changing Modules

Where you’ll learn the tools and strategies to rewire your brain, break the cycle of self-sabotage and create change that sticks (includes videos, worksheets, checklists and more — and yep, you get lifetime access to all of ‘em)
(Valued at $997)



Join me every Wednesday (starting 19th May 2021) for these powerful coaching sessions — ask questions, get feedback, hear how others are achieving big wins, and learn how to overcome any sticking points. (Valued at $399, and all sessions are recorded if you can’t make it)


Stacks of support

Inside our private Facebook Group for the duration of the course (it’s truly the most supportive, inspirational place to hang out online) (Valued at $129)

This life-changing journey kicks off on Monday 17th May 2021
(that’s when the first module lands in your inbox)



Mini Training: Reveal Your Values

(value $197)

Get clear on your core values so that you can create a life aligned to them (how else could life feel good?!)


Story Clearing Self-Hypnosis Audio

(value $147)

This guided meditation is engineered to reprogram your subconscious mind and bust through excuses, so that you can create change at a deeper level.


Big Vision Audio Meditation

(value $97)

Now that you’ve got the tools to change your life, it’s essential to figure out what it is you actually want! This guided meditation will expand your vision and put you in touch with your intuition.


Recommended Reading Guide

(value $47)

Once you’ve seen the power of this work, you’re gonna wanna dive deeper! When you’re ready for advanced reading, these book reccy’s will be waiting for you.



(Valued at $197)

Once you’ve learned this stuff, you’ll wonder: wtf could I have achieved in my life if I’d known this stuff from the get-go?! Your kids won’t have to wonder. Here’s how to teach it to them.

PLUS! Guest Coaching with Master Transformational Coach, Lisa Carpenter


Lisa Carpenter

Master Transformational Coach

In this live 90-minute group session, you’ll get to jam with the inimitable Lisa Carpenter.

A renowned international coach, Lisa’s zone of genius is food, eating and your body. If your relationship with any of these areas is fraught, prepare for breakthroughs and insights on issues, habits and beliefs where you may have been stuck for decades.

(Truly, sessions with Lisa need to be seen to be believed.)

Value: $500

(And PS, it’s worth noting — access to Lisa usually costs THOUSANDS.)

The total value of the program is $2,710


Here’s the bit just for you, because you signed up for the waitlist...

Right now, when you sign up for Ready For Change, you’ll also get 3 of my bestselling programs completely FREE:

The Mood Shift


Does it feel like your headspace is out of your control?

Or like the tiniest cross word from your partner — or crappy moment with your kids — can send you into freefall?

Learn how to shift your mood on demand and feel better FAST with this powerful workshop.

It walks you through the EXACT process of reclaiming control of your headspace and uplevelling your mood at a moment’s notice, so that other people no longer determine how YOU feel. (Lady, it’s a life saver.)

(Value: $97)

Back to You


“I’m so busy and stressed, I don’t even know what I want any more!”

If you feel like you’re always overwhelmed, and always *this close* to breaking point, this program will help you slice through the mental clutter and find (sweet, sweet) relief.

Inside, you’ll find a set of tools that will help you reduce your mental load, reconnect with your centre, and find your way home to you.

(Aaaaaaah! Get ready to feel like you can finally exhale.)

(Value: $47)

Tech Freedom

LC - Tech Freedom Course Mockup

Are you spending too much time on your smartphone? Feel like you’re scrolling your life away?

This step by step program will show you how to break your smartphone addiction, rewrite your relationship with technology, and regain control of your time.

(And nope, you don’t need to give up your phone or Instagram forever. Far from it. This is about finding a mindful, sustainable balance that works for you — hooray!)

(Value: $197)

So to sum up, join Ready For Change today, and you’ll get:

  • The complete Ready For Change program at the best price (we kick off the live round on May 17th)
  • Access to ALL the current bonuses AND the ones I’ll be announcing over the next week (there wasn’t enough room here to list them all!)
  • And lifetime access to THREE of my bestselling programs (I’ll send you the log-ins straight away — so you can literally be logging in and learning from these powerful trainings within minutes)

The combined value of this bundle is


When you join today, you’ll get ALL of them for one low price.


(Most flexible option)

$189 x 3 payments
  • YOU GET:
  • Access to Ready For Change LIVE ROUND May 2021
  • All bonuses (including those yet to be announced)
  • Lifetime access to the modules & bonuses
  • Mentoring and support in the private Facebook group
  • Plus instant, lifetime access to THREE of my bestselling programs
  • $3,051 total value
  • 30 day guarantee

(Avoid recurring payments)

  • YOU GET:
  • Access to Ready For Change LIVE ROUND May 2021
  • All bonuses (including those yet to be announced)
  • Lifetime access to the modules & bonuses
  • Mentoring and support in the private Facebook group
  • Plus instant, lifetime access to THREE of my bestselling programs
  • $3,051 total value
  • 30 day guarantee

Expires in:


seemingly simple but profound basis for change

I joined RFC because I felt like my life wasn't 'real' - that I was sitting on the side lines waiting for my proper life to start while everyone else was succeeding. I couldn't really even define what it was that I wanted from my life, just that it didn't feel like what it was "supposed" to feel like.

I had done other courses, read lots of "happiness" books and tried to start habits that would help me achieve this so called happy, wonderful life. But nothing ever stuck.

What I have learnt in RFC has stuck! It has provided me with such a seemingly simple but profound basis for change. Instead of prescribing the "successful" routines that worked for someone else, it has allowed me to understand why I haven't been able to stick to change, and how I can turn this around to achieve whatever it is I desire.

Lisa and the team are 100% authentic, 100% supportive and 100% committed to sharing their knowledge so that you can learn how to make lasting change in your life and do it your way.

- Rebecca Fletcher

Lisa's practical guidance is life changing

“I’ve had an enormous ‘mindset makeover’ since Lisa came onto my scene. When I first stumble-scrolled across her I was completely stuck in my misery. Struggling with a new baby, a three year old and a move to a new city where we knew no one, my stories were bleak: motherhood is too much for me, I get the ‘hard’ babies, I hate this but I don’t have a choice now.

I felt trapped and desperate for things to change - but I woke every day and did the same things and thought the same thoughts because I was stuck.

And then Lisa appeared! Somehow she shone a light into the murky crap. She helped me see that I was the reason I was stuck in misery (but not without some serious ‘you don’t know how hard it is for me’ first). I’ve had more personal shifts than I can count since I discovered that my stories are just stories - written by me and completely editable.

I’ve grown so much and my life is both exactly the same and completely different now. Motherhood is still hard but I enjoy my children. Running our home is still a big job but I don’t feel resentful about it. I’ve started my own business and I take two days out of the house each week to work in it (while I eat cafe brekkies, drink coffee and do NOT check in at home about how naptime went - because what I want for my life matters).

I am so grateful to Lisa for her ability to deliver these ideas in exactly the way I need to hear them. Knowing the concepts is great but living them with Lisa’s practical guidance is life changing.”

- Karoline Silva

The Ready for Change 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee


I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say ‘yes’ to this program… and ‘yes’ to you.

That’s why we’ve got our ‘Ready for Change’ 30-Day Guarantee.

Join now, give the program a shot, and if - by the end of 30 days - you haven’t experienced transformation in how you think and feel and uncovered a bunch of useless stories that are keeping you stuck and in a slump … we’ll give you your money back - all of it.

We’ll even take care of the processing fees.Simply send an email - along with your completed homework - so that we know you gave it a go to the amazing Melissa at and she’ll process your refund straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lady, it’s busy for me too. (#mumlife!)

But if I kept putting off my personal growth because life was busy... well, I’d still be stuck exactly where I was.

The “I’ve got no time” thing is actually a story you’re telling yourself — and it means you’re probably the exact kind of person who’ll get the most out of this program. (And PS, I’ll show you how you can literally reframe your relationship with time and stop feeling so overstretched in the modules. #winning)

Also, keep in mind: while the coaching calls are held live, they’re also recorded. So you can catch up whenever you need to.

And of course, you’ve got access to the modules, training and bonuses for the lifetime of the program. So there’s no such thing as “falling behind”, and you’re free to go at your own pace.

I'm back in the driver's seat of my life

I joined because I needed 'something'. I remember thinking, "I've got nothing to lose!" I loved Lisa's genuineness, her "realness". She tells it like it is! She's relatable. I love that I now have these tools to call on at any time in my life. They're well within my control to adopt. Ready for Change has put me back in the driver's seat of my life."

- Debbie Cobby

Support and tools to make positive changes

Being in lockdown highlighted the things that are important in my life. I didn't want to fall back into the same hectic routine, I wanted to start making choices that directed me towards lifelong goals. RFC made me think about what I really wanted, writing this down made a difference, made it real. The program highlighted how my subconscious mind works and stories that could be holding me back, and how to change these. I found the live sessions fabulous, hearing the information and the great examples used by Lisa made it very relatable. I have support and the tools to make positive changes in my life.

- Ellen Bruce

Methods you can apply and use

I have been completely lost in my life, crushed with grief, overwhelmed with guilt of not being the best mum for my girls, my relationship was struggling and I felt desperately alone and wanting something to change - I couldn’t go on like that anymore. I’ve come across Lisa and she said something very simple that resonated with me, and I was in RFC the very next day.
Through the course, I allowed myself to really dig deep but also give myself space and time. Lisa’s work is amazing, she is very respectful and gentle in her delivery - but also very clear and straight to the point. Her methods are simple but extremely effective and you will never be the same person after working with her.
There is so much support and help from her whole team and there are extra tools and teachings that you can tap into.
You will be transformed in the most respectful, gentle and loving way and once you learn her methods you can apply and use them for the rest of your life.
I am deeply grateful for her work."

- Ivana Momic

Awesome content and a supportive group

I joined the ready for change course because I wanted to be able to step above circumstances to have happiness regardless. Not that I have dreadful circumstances, just that I always found excuses not to be happy yet. I loved that it challenged my thinking , delivered awesome content and a supportive and thought provoking closed group of participants. Bonus trainings from Jim Fortin and Lisa Carpenter were inspirational."

- Julie Piper

learnt how to be a better mother, wife and friend

“I joined Ready for change at a time when I felt a bit lost and without direction or purpose. Having completed the course I no longer feel the need to be working towards goals that others set for me or do things others expect of me. I am starting to hear my own voice and am really excited about what she will tell me. I feel I have learnt how to be a better mother, wife and friend as a result of this course... thanks Lisa!

- Alison

life changing knowledge in a few short weeks

Over a few short weeks, Lisa was able to provide the necessary skills to shift my thinking and mindset in a way that will forever change the way I view the world and my place in it. I have the skills and knowledge to live my life in a new, more empowered way. Life changing.

- Mel Elevato

Every step of this course opened my eyes

Every step of this course opened my eyes to reasons that I was feeling stuck in myself and my life. I felt weight lifting from my shoulders with each week's lessons, and I will keep putting in place the methods that I have learned. Once you see you cannot unsee."

- Christine

It has changed how I show up in the world everyday

A brilliant course to help you shift paradigms & challenge beliefs and stories that control how you live your life. Warning: you have to be prepared to do the work, dig deep and feel uncomfortable to make the change but when the light bulbs go off (and they do!) it is exhilarating. I loved the level of empathy, insights, openness and sometimes tough love that Lisa brought to this course and it was reflected in the community who joined me on this journey. It has and will continue to change how I show up in the world everyday - thank you!"

- Patricia

Tools that can be used for a lifetime

I joined because I have been feeling it for a long time... time to change, I resisted joining right up to the last minute because I was scared of what change actually means but I kept coming back because something kept pulling me towards it. I knew I did the right thing when I signed up and the tools Lisa provided I can use for a lifetime.

- Ange

This course has made me believe in myself

I joined the RFC program as I was desperate to navigate my hectic life of raising 3 boys and cultivating a career. I've gone from hoping there was a light at the end of the tunnel to wanting to enjoy every moment of life no matter how hard it is. I have loved the moments of breakthrough at the same time as surprised at the uncomfortable times of breaking through long and old stories. This course has made me believe in myself and I have what it takes to bust through the turbulence to a better & happy life.


- Michelle

a way of changing my mindset, and tools to do that

I would highly recommend this course - it’s easy to do, takes up the ‘right’ amount of time in a busy world, and really gets you thinking, which is presumably the reason for doing it! I really enjoyed working with Lisa, you can feel that she is invested in what she teaches and actually cares about the people involved. She is real and that really comes through in the various aspects of the course. At the end of the day, I came away with exactly what I went into it for - a way of changing my mindset, and tools to help me do that. Thank you!"

- Nicola

Power to change any / every area of your life

RFC is the story you don’t know you have been looking for. It is so powerful it can literally change any / every area on your life. Jump in ! You will never regret it. I’m eternally grateful for life tools I can use and teach my children."

- Melanie

Changed my life from a deep core level

I came across Lisa & the Ready For Change program days before the doors closed and far out am I thankful! RFC has changed my life from a deep core level, that I never knew needed to change. This course urged me to get out of my own way and finally start living life on my terms, not being ruled by my feelings & emotions.

- Candice

grateful to have my eyes opened to new possibilities

Lisa's Ready for Change program was awesome! So great to learn to look at the world in a different way and to be given simple steps to actually use these new concepts in our everyday life. So grateful for my eyes being opened to new possibilities - a life with me as the driver! Thank you Lisa! 

- Catherine Laun

Concepts we should all be learning at a young age

Ready for Change contains concepts we should all be learning at a young age - the material all makes so much sense when you hear it... it’s like you’ve somehow always known it, yet you’re hearing it for the first time and challenging the way you think about EVERYTHING. The guest speakers confirmed and reinforced everything Lisa teaches. I highly recommend RFC for anyone who needs to get out of their own way to start shifting life-long thought processes. "

- Amie Kalleske

A program that sets you up for the rest of your life

Hold on to your seat, cause you’re in for a hell of a ride in self discovery. Lisa and her team has put together a program to help you recognise those stories in your head that are on loop every day without you even knowing about it. She also gives you step by step strategies to help you start busting out of these stories, stop making excuses and operating in victim mode and START living your best life. A 4 week program that sets you up for the rest of your life. I will be forever grateful for the amazingness of Lisa Corduff"

- Sonje Malpas

Everyone can gain from participating in RFC

I initially didn’t think I was the 'right type' for this program. Aside from my personal learnings, I now think there is no wrong type! Everyone can gain from participating in RFC.

- Malanie Baxter

Lisa breaks things down in ways that speak to me

I have been working with a mindset coach so I had a certain level of knowledge about our thinking, had read the Inside Out Revolution book, etc. Lisa's way of explaining it all however is so down-to-earth and she breaks things down in ways that speak to me directly even if I know she's speaking to a crowd. I can so relate to what she says and how she says it and I love her points of action. They're super manageable and effective.

- Maria

More power than you ever thought possible

“I joined because Lisa delivers what she says. I loved that tangible change is being felt, I can’t un-know this stuff now. This teaches you that you completely have more power than you would ever think possible."

- Julie

Move your life in the direction you want it to go

The RFC Program came at the perfect time for me. I had been feeling stuck in a number of aspects of my life for the last 18 months. I had tried other programs with limited results as they never dealt with mindset. Lisa has delivered a program that trains you in the use of practical tools and techniques that assist in identifying what is holding you back and plans to move your life in the direction you want it to go. Already I have seen a change in my mindset and have started making small steps in the direction I want to go. Thank you Lisa"

- Wendy

What would it mean to you if you could

get unstuck?

… If you knew the precise steps to get your brain working for you (not against you)?

… If you could break the cycle of self-sabotage for good?

… If you knew exactly how to shift your thinking patterns to start any new habit you wanted, or to break any crappy ones (even the ones you’ve struggled with for years)?

… And if you could finally feel like you’re living up to the potential that you’ve always known is inside you, but that has so far gone largely untapped?

Ready For Change

is the secret weapon that will ensure that your life *actually* changes.

Don’t spend another minute fighting the same internal battles that have been eating up your energy and mental bandwidth for so long…

… not when there are tools right here that can help you step out of the struggle.


I know that making a decision can feel hard. Really, I do...

But once you’re inside, I’ve got you covered with everything you need to take action and create real, lasting change. I’ll have your back every step of the way.

You weren’t put on this planet to feel stuck all the time. You weren’t born to be a passenger in your own life. And you certainly weren’t put here to only activate half your potential…

There’s no question that you’re capable of creating the change you crave... so the question becomes, are you ready to take a chance on yourself and your happiness?

All my love,

Lisa xx


Get Ready For Change plus THREE of my bestelling programs

Expires in:


(Most flexible option)

$189 x 3 payments
  • YOU GET:
  • Access to Ready For Change LIVE ROUND May 2021
  • All bonuses (including those yet to be announced)
  • Lifetime access to the modules & bonuses
  • Mentoring and support in the private Facebook group
  • Plus instant, lifetime access to THREE of my bestselling programs
  • $3,051 total value
  • 30 day guarantee

(Avoid recurring payments)

  • YOU GET:
  • Access to Ready For Change LIVE ROUND May 2021
  • All bonuses (including those yet to be announced)
  • Lifetime access to the modules & bonuses
  • Mentoring and support in the private Facebook group
  • Plus instant, lifetime access to THREE of my bestselling programs
  • $3,051 total value
  • 30 day guarantee

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