Press play for more ease.

Get genuine support and simple, DOABLE strategies to reduce your mental load, feel more calm in your day to day, and make your life easier…

… in less than 5 minutes a day.


Lady, are you OVER feeling:

Stretched to the max — like there’s no margin or space in your life?

Exhausted by your mental load… with no idea how to reduce it?

Overwhelmed by all the things you have to juggle?

Resentful of your neverending to-do list?

Constantly stressed, worried, overwhelmed… all of it?


You’re not alone.

I mean, #UnderstatementOfTheCentury, right?

It’s what so many of us are talking about, posting about, beating ourselves up about…

And it’s no wonder — the invisible loads of womanhood and motherhood can be crushing. There are more expectations on us than ever before. We never seem to truly switch off. And our social conditioning has us looking after EVERYONE but ourselves.

Throw in all the craziness of the past few years, and yeah — it’s easy to see why so many women feel like they’re scrambling just to keep their head above water.

So what if we screw all that

and try something different?


What if we focus on taking things off your plate, so that you can feel more on top of things?

What if we work on reducing your mental load, while increasing your sense of calm?

And what if it was hugely simple — like “press play on your phone” simple — to feel connected and understood, to get useful tips and how-to’s, and to be reminded that you’re not alone?



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This exclusive audio series is a powerful combo of gentle support and simple, ACTIONABLE suggestions to help you feel more calm, more ease, and more in control of your life.


In less than 5 minutes a day, you’ll feel topped up with inspiration, understanding and genuinely useful ideas. It’s the kind of thing you’ll look forward to listening to each day, and that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

  • Get one simple but powerful audio track in your ears every day for 30 days
  • All audio — listen on your phone at your own pace
  • Takes 2-5 minutes each day
  • Created by a busy woman, with real life (kids! work! tummy bugs!) in mind
  • Small steps that add up to real progress

"Super Simple process to access..."

30D30W Testimonial easy access

Powerful strategies to create more ease in your life

Audio love notes to remind you that you’re not alone (& you’re doing great)

Listen on your phone,
at your own pace.

Less than 5 minutes per day to create real, lasting change

Part practical, part pep-talk,
part ‘warm hug in your earbuds’...

Here’s a taste of what we cover:

  • The #1 technique to free up mental bandwidth and give you back a crap-tonne of headspace
  • Why giving yourself permission to cut corners isn’t just “okay”, it’s an actual game changer
  • The simple daily habit that ensures you end your day with a ‘win’
  • Why you need to cut yourself some slack (and how I know for sure that you’re doing an amazing job)
  • The “kitchen bench” rule for identifying and plugging energy leaks in your life
  • My 3-step process for saying no and feeling great about it
  • What I say to myself on those days where the sh!t totally hits the fan
  • How to wire your nervous system for peace, in as little as 30 seconds a day
  • The 3 simple hacks that can halve your digital overwhelm
  • The life-changing question to ask yourself before agreeing to any project or invitation

"Found my mojo and got shit done"

"Loved the Start Fresh 'bad morning' track. Found my mojo and got shit done after a terrible phone call had all the feels rising. Thanks for the freebies! I can see these helping so much."

- Bronwyn
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Um, YES, I want to make my life easier!

Get these 30 bite-sized audio tracks and get support, game-changing tips and that powerful feeling that you’re not alone — all in less than the time it takes to check your Insta feed (and with way better Return On Investment!)



$49 AUD



There’s no magic wand when it comes to making life easier.

So I can’t give you a silver bullet.

What I can give you though, is reassurance that you are NOT alone in all this, along with tips and how-to’s that actually make a difference.

Some of the strategies you’ll hear are simple-but-genius things I’ve picked up over the years that blew my mind when I first learned them. Some of them are ‘fundamentals’ with a fresh twist. And some you might already know, but aren’t actually doing (and a gentle reminder can make all the difference).

ALL of them are doable, effective, and can make your life easier.

And they’re all here in one place, in a strategic sequence, and they’re all designed to help you get quick wins fast. (Which means your life can feel noticeably easier sooner than you might think.)


"Feeling good already!"

30D30W testimonial

"lots of lightbulbs and ideas spark"

"I love your podcasts and love how you explain things. I listen to you a lot while I'm driving. From what you say, lots of lightbulbs and ideas spark, which somehow always leads to very good things. I find myself more able to help others because of the clarity you provide, which makes me extremely happy!

I can't wait to learn more from you, you're an inspiration Lisa and I don't say that to many people at all!"

- Maria

Get more ease in your ear buds…
…and your life

This audio series is stacked with real strategies and support that can really make a difference.

It’s all about giving you an anchorpoint each day — something to genuinely look forward to — where you *know* that you’re going to feel noticeably better after listening, whether that’s because you’ve got a new tip to try out, or you’ve just had the pep talk you didn’t even know you needed, or because you just got that powerful, sigh-of-relief feeling that you’re not alone in this.

There’s literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this series a go — especially if you’ve been stuck in survival mode and wishing for things to be different.


Your headspace is important.
How you feel each day matters.
What are you waiting for? Let’s do this.


$49 AUD


"I’ve changed and am continuing to change"

"You hit me somewhere deep.  You challenge subconscious and conscious ideas/stories I’ve held on to since childhood, which sabotage my ability to enjoy life.  Thank you for urging me to break those unhealthy habitual thoughts and ways of being.

I’ve changed and am continuing to change for the better - because of the things you’ve said.  It’s a slow process but I’m choosing to be ok with that!"

- Paula