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Today Lisa shares her love of masterminds and distills the many crazy-good benefits into three ‘mastermind powers’. She shares with you the masterminds that have called to her and why, and what they have meant to her business and her own growth.

Could a mastermind be what you need to get to the next level?

Show Notes:

0:58 Lisa provides insight into the big impact masterminds have had on her business and what keeps her going back for more (and more).

9:40 There is power in surrounding yourself with successful people who get you.

11:30 Tall poppy syndrome and how an Aussie attitude might be holding you back.  

16:42 Let the seeds of potential be planted in you.

19:50 The power of a mastermind to give you time and space (and what does that actually even mean?).

23:17 Catch the exciting details of Lisa’s upcoming exclusive mastermind offering.


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