KBR Ep 10: Pause for Applause

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This episode is for you, lady! Lisa encourages you to stop, reflect and give yourself a generous round of applause. She shares her practice of celebrating her efforts and those of her team, and inspires you to create a self-celebrating practice of your own. You’re showing up for yourself day in and day out, being brave, getting up when you fall, and moving yourself closer to your dreams. It’s time to put your hands together for the best woman you know – you.

Show Notes:

0:45 Lisa shares why pausing for applause is an important part of her process.

3:40 There are no KPI’s in online business, only your own (super high?) bar.

5:02 Putting pen to paper at the end of the year and finding the lessons.

8:05 Making space for applause every day.

9:25 The reasons you might not be applauding yourself.

10:25 Lisa sets you a challenge that will leave you feeling as brave and resilient as you actually are.


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