Calling all Coaches, Course Creators & Online Entrepreneurs with big goals for next year...

There’s one powerful question you need to ask yourself, when you think about 2019:

“Can I achieve what I want on my own?”

Lady, you’re a force.

You’re a hard worker, and your ability to figure shit out has got you this far.

And it truly is something to be proud of. (Let’s face it, #EntrepreneurLife is NOT for everyone!)

But at a certain point, guessing your way through the weeds stops working...

And no courses seem to have that ‘next level’ info you’re craving...

And the slow route — a.k.a. the “I’m just going to watch what other people do, then try a bunch of stuff and hope something sticks” route — becomes less and less effective (and seems to take longer and longer)...

Meanwhile, it starts to really grate when you see other people in your industry zoom past you — landing speaking gigs, huge clients, book deals... whatever.

It also becomes harder to shrug off their Instagram celebrations when they have their “best launch ever” or “hit multiple six figures”. You want to be happy for them, but you also want a piece of that for yourself...

And when you see those same entrepreneurs having meetups and retreats? When you see them supporting each other, guesting on each other’s podcasts, going to conferences and cocktails together, and making rapid progress at the same time…?


It makes you start to wonder:

“All the entrepreneurs I look up to seem to have support. They’ve got a crew. They’ve got people… and I don’t know if I can get where I want to go if I don’t get out from behind my laptop, quit ‘guessing’ at how to reach the next level, and actually *do* something different.”

Know the feeling?


If there’s one thing I’ve learned after 5 years in business, running a bunch of memberships and masterminds along the way, and particularly after hitting half-a-mill in annual revenue in May 2018, it’s this:

Entrepreneurs need to be around other entrepreneurs.

It’s how we grow. It’s how we do our best work. It’s how we become leaders… and it’s how we make quantum leaps forward.

This has always been the case for me, and I’ve witnessed it again and again in others too — whether it’s my friends, people I’ve mentored, or people I look up to.

Because the thing is, when you’re in a circle with others like you — smart, driven, in the game, not afraid to dream outside the box — it’s almost like magic….

The whole suddenly becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone rises up. And goals and milestones that once seemed out of reach stop feeling impossible… and start feeling inevitable….


Like, do you secretly worry that landing a book deal is just a pipe dream?

…. Not when you literally hang out every week with three people who’ve already got one (and can hook you up with key contacts).


Think that growth isn’t possible because you’ve got kids / pets / stuff going on?

…. Not when you’re surrounded by women achieving amazing things in tiny pockets of time (and who’d love to share their secrets).


Worried that earning $200k+ per year is “not realistic for someone like you”?

…. Not when you’re part of a group where everyone has big goals (and where some people have already hit that mark & can tell you *exactly* what they did to get there).

This is the true magic of masterminds — they open your eyes to a new vision of what’s possible, then suck you up to the next level with uncommon speed...

Want to experience it for yourself?

A year-long experience for entrepreneurs who want to unleash their full potential and create massive breakthroughs in their business.

The Breakthrough Mastermind is a small group experience, led by me — Lisa Corduff, that kicks off in January 2019 and wraps up in December.

This mastermind is for women who have big dreams… and want results to match.

It’s for those who want to surround themselves with the cream of the entrepreneurial crop. Who want to fast track their success. And who want to let go of any preconceived ideas about “what’s possible” and lean into their full power and potential.

And our goal for you?


Your best year in business ever. Period.


Here’s How We’ll Get You To Your Best Year Ever...

Start the New Year right with next-level planning tools.

From January 1, you’ll get access to trainings and videos on mindset, planning your year, and dreamlining your business goals.

You can go through these trainings at your own pace, whenever you like. (We don’t want anyone to have to hurry back from holidays; these are designed to fit in with *your* schedule and lifestyle).

We’ll also be getting to know each other in the private Facebook group.

By the end of the month, you’ll have built a firm vision for your best year ever, and have mapped out how you’re going to take care of your business’s most valuable asset — you.

The alchemy begins when we come together as a group...

With your foundations rock solid, and your vision for 2019 in place, it’s time to start our group calls, which run from February to December.

Monthly Hot-Seating Calls —

This is where we add major horsepower and momentum to your vision with hot-seating — one of the most powerful transformational tools out there.

In these hot seat calls, you’ll get the chance to workshop your own issues and questions around business (including your launches, offers, products and more) and hear other high-achieving entrepreneurs workshop the inner workings of their businesses too… which in itself, can lead to tremendous growth spurts and learnings.

Activate your vision with All. The. Implementation.

Each month, we’ll meet online for a dedicated Doing Day.

This is your day for massive action. We’ll all work together for 6 hours, smashing through those important tasks that are guaranteed to move the needle… but that are so damn easy to procrastinate, like:

  • Creating a new lead magnet
  • Writing a mini sales sequence
  • Nailing down the details of your new offer
  • Writing and recording a video for your sales page
  • Putting together a nurture series
  • Writing an outline for your book
  • Creating a launch plan
  • Creating a month’s worth of social media posts

Every hour, you’ll get an online check-in from me or my Business Manager, Melissa Donnelly — aka the Queen of implementation — to keep you motivated and on track.

Then there’s the retreats. Two of ‘em.



22-24 March 2019
Gold Coast



6-8 September 2019

Both retreats will be 2.5 days and 2 nights of life-changing transformation and immersion…. not to mention luxury!

By carving out physical space and time to focus on YOU and your business (and some very necessary pampering!) you can expect to push yourself outside your comfort zone, make huge leaps forward in your business, and walk away buzzing with clarity and energy.

Here’s just a taster of what we’ll be getting up to:

  • Advanced training sessions on growth tactics and leadership challenges
  • Mindset mastery and techniques for personal evolution
  • In-person hot seating on issues that stump all entrepreneurs when stretching to the next level
  • Sessions from very special guests, thought leaders and industry guns
  • Advanced insights on income strategy and generating fast profits
  • Visioning sessions — what comes next for you and your business

And, of course, there’ll be FUN! Pampering. Wine and nibblies. Epic meals. Alone time. Pool time. Group activities. The chance to slip away for a massage or a nap (#bliss).

This is time to honour you and your vision… and we’re gonna make the most of every minute.

All food, drinks, activities, special guests and experiences are included. The only things you’ll need to cover are getting there and your accommodation.

Please note: These dates are tentative and will be finalised in January 2019

Finally, we’ll wrap up our journey in December with an online cocktail hour and celebration session...

… because you WILL want to pat yourself on the back (and down a margarita or three!) for all the incredible things you’ve achieved and all those goals you’ve crushed over the past 12 months.

And we’ll all be there too, cheering you on, so damn proud of how far you’ve come.


“In my most recent launch, I reached numbers I'd only dreamed of.”

“Lisa is one of the most business-savvy and generous souls I know. She gets the online world more than most, knows how to connect with an audience in an authentic and heartfelt way, and she genuinely cares about making this a joyful experience and not just about making money.

Her insights and tips in the lead up to my most recent launch helped me reach numbers I'd only dreamed of, and I know for sure that it was Lisa's ideas and encouragement that got me there. She's my not-so-secret-anymore-weapon.”

- Amy Taylor-Kabbaz,


This is perfect for you if…

  • You’ve got an online biz. Maybe you’re a coach, a course creator, a service provider, or somewhere in between. 
  • You’re a few years into your biz journey, you know what you want (or maybe you just know that it’s *not* what you’ve got now!) and yet... you can’t seem to figure out how to create change and get to that next level. 
  • You’ve done the courses. You’ve listened to the podcasts. You’ve sat through the webinars… but you still feel like you’re missing a crucial piece of information: how do you actually bring it all together and turn it into results? 
  • It feels shit when you see people in your niche (some of whom have way less experience than you) whoosh right past you... it also makes you wonder: what (the eff) am I missing here?! 
  • You have a tendency to get in your own way. You *know* you’ve got ideas and potential thrumming inside you… but following through on your vision? Breaking through your upper limits? Believing in yourself? Those things sometimes feel H-A-R-D. 
  • You crave the support, accountability and energy that comes from being part of a group. 
  • You’re not afraid to do the work. To step outside your comfort zone. To stay open to fresh perspectives and new ways of doing things.

And you’re probably not a great fit for us if…

  • You’re not coachable. You just want to keep doing things the same way you’ve been doing them. 
  • You’re brand new to the biz world. (You’ll get so much more out of this experience once you’ve wet your feet, and we’ll be here for you when you’re ready!) 
  • You’re not in a season of life where you can focus on your business right now. (Lady, that is so fine and so perfect… and again, we’ll be here for you when you’re ready!)

If you’re so freaking ready to stop missing out on opportunities and watching time slip by

join The Breakthrough Mastermind and get –

  • 11 x Monthly Hot-Seating Calls, so you work through whatever’s keeping you stuck and fast track your progress
  • 11 x Monthly Brain Trust Calls, to connect with your fellow masterminders, and get support, inspiration and accountability
  • 11 x Doing Days, held monthly, to help you get so much shit done, you won’t even recognise yourself!
  • 11 x Sprint Weeks — to help you get focused in your implementation, make fast progress in key areas, and build a sustainable (and grown-up!) business
  • Access to the full vault of strategic business planning tools, including:
    • Plan Your Breakthrough Year — 60 minute online workshop to plan your best year ever (Value $197)
    • Hack Your Headspace — How to become the kind of person who attracts success (Value: $97)
    • Secrets of Self Integrity — To help you follow through on the amazing vision you’ve set for yourself (Value: $97… though if you’re a serial procrastinator, you’ll find it priceless.)
    • Keeping Video Real — Get full access to my complete step-by-step system for creating videos that rapidly build your tribe and boost your conversions...even if don’t love being on camera. (Value: $597)
    • Quit the Chaos: Simple Systems and Organisation for your Online Business — get your backend sorted so you can scale (and delegate) with ease. (Value: $197)
  • 12 month’s access to our Members Only Facebook Group — Your space to ask, cheer, share, bounce ideas, seek feedback, and connect with your fellow masterminders. This online space is sure to become your most valuable resource over the next 12 months. (Value $197)
  • 2 x Luxe RETREATS — one in Noosa, one on the Gold Coast, to help you step outside your comfort zone and create massive change in a short period of time, with all experiences, trainings, food, drinks, and special guests included (just cover your own flights and accommodation).

Pay Monthly
Cashflow friendly option

1 x upfront payment of $2,497

Followed by 11 monthly payments of $1,247

  • Or pay in full, avoid recurring payments
    and save $1,214.


All prices are in Australian Dollars.

This mastermind is on an ‘application only’ basis. After submitting your application, you’ll receive a link to schedule a chat with me (Lisa), to work out whether we’re a good fit for each other. If you’re successful in gaining a spot and you choose to accept, you’ll be forwarded a payment link at that time. Initial payment is due by 31st December 2018. For those who opt for the payment plan, monthly payments will commence from 1st February 2019.

Here’s what people have to say about working with me…

“I feel like I've opened up some sort of floodgate to what's possible.”

Firstly, I want to say that I'm incredibly glad I signed up for your group coaching program.

It was perfect timing for me as I knew that I needed some motivation and guidance to get me to take some important next steps in my business. The saying "what got you here, won't get you there" was blaring loudly in my head every day….

I've felt a big shift in a lot of things since I started the group coaching program. I've started paying more attention to how I show up in my business and the vibe I'm projecting. I've recognised a couple of major blocks for me in terms of moving myself and my business forward (i.e. insecurities and boundaries). I've upped my copywriting game, my launch game, my social media game, and I'm learning and implementing more every week.

I feel like I've opened up some sort of floodgate to what's possible and that scares the SHIT out of me, but it's definitely progress!”

- Sophia Arthur, Copywriter and Content Strategist,

“I’d been trying to go it alone for a year and was stuck…”

“When Lisa announced she was opening the doors to her group program I thought “yes! I really need a burst of inspiration”.

I’d been going along on my own for 12 months. Lisa opened my eyes to the prospect of developing a new arm to my business - a new group program based on my current 1:1 offering.

With her encouragement I jumped in and the response has been excellent. I’ve set up a Facebook page, created an opt-in, am running a free training and am excited to kick off my first webinar.

I wanted to be inspired and energised and Lisa offers just that. Her effervescent energy is infectious and the calls are fantastic for keeping you in alignment and on track. Lisa Corduff is awesome and I highly recommend all that she offers to everyone who wants to really make things happen in their business.”

- Emma Franklin-Bell, The Beautiful Business Academy,

“Before this program, I was frozen with indecision.”

“If you want a comprehensive understanding on how to make an online business happen, then you’ve got the whole package right here.

Instead of being frozen with indecision about what the right thing to do is, I’m now seeing I have a whole playground I can play in, without wondering if I’m going to cause a major stuff up that’s unfixable. It’s been liberating to say the least. Thanks Lisa for helping to clear out the overwhelm and give me some direction!”

- Ruth Fellowes, Spectrum Health,

“Lisa helped me get out of my own way.”

“3 months back, I was stuck in the overwhelm of starting my business and actually moving forward. This group program came at the perfect time. It gave me the tools and accountability to get out of my own way and start to make progress in getting my business off the ground.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect has been more than just the tools, it has been the way Lisa has challenged my perspective on ways of thinking and showing up. This has given me the strength and motivation to get to where I am now! Can’t thank you enough Lisa!”

- Emma Conquest, Flourish and Shine,

What got you here won’t get you there.

To make 2019 different, you need to *do* something different.

Don’t let next year be just another year where you watch others kicking huge goals and ticking awesome stuff off their vision board, thinking, “Dammit, that should have been me.”

Take a leap. Jump in. Back yourself. Dare to believe...

If you don’t, who will?


Applications for the 2019 Mastermind close

Sunday December 16th.

Skype interviews will be held on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th December.

P.S. We lovingly stand firm in our “No Refunds” policy.

If you’re offered a place in The Breakthrough Mastermind, and you choose to accept, please note that we do not offer refunds or cancellations.

There are a few reasons for this: because this is such a small group, there’ll be people who miss out; and because we’ll have already paid for your spot on the retreats...

But most of all, it’s because once you’re part of the crew, your fellow members and I are holding space for you. We’re sharing our best ideas, the insider stuff that’s working now, and the inner workings of our businesses. To ensure that this energy exchange is respected, refunds and cancellations are not available.

If you’ve got questions or hesitations about whether this mastermind if right for you, please share them freely during your intro call. Nothing is off limits, and it’s in *both* our interests to ensure that this group is the right fit to give you your best year ever!

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