KBR Ep 8: Slow Down to Speed Up

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While feeling a little under the weather, Lisa gets real about resting and running a business. She shares her struggles with slowing down and takes an honest look at why it has felt so hard to do. Lisa encourages you to reap the benefits of creating space and trusting that it’s all going to be okay.

If you feel trapped in the ‘doing’ of your business or like resting might be possible in your 80s, this episode is for you.

Show Notes

0:50 Does your business leave room for rest or are you always pushing through?

3:18 Lisa shares her content creation goals for 2019.

4:28 What Lisa knows her business needs – 100% For Sure.

7:05 Lisa issues the permission slip you’ve been waiting for.

8:46 A fresh perspective on why you’re not resting.

11:40 Lisa goes big picture and embraces the speed bumps.

13:37 An invitation to join the conversation.


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