KBR Ep 16: Get Obsessed With This…

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Today’s episode is short, sharp and all about the one fundamental that every online business owner needs to be across. Are your conversions disappointing you? Do you feel icky about selling? This episode will point you in the right direction to overcome those hurdles and increase your impact on the world.

Show Notes:

2:26 The one fundamental you need to be across to have a successful online business.

4:17 Creating the know, like and trust factor.

5:43 What your customers need from your sales process.

6:31 The key to feeling good about selling.

8:06 How to strengthen your marketing muscle.

9:11 What you need to do if you’re struggling with marketing or feeling uncomfortable about selling.

10:30 Your inability to convert is not about how good you are at what you do.


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