KBR Ep 17: How to Survive an Online Product Launch

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Online product launches can be all the hairy, scary feels! You’ve put your heart, money and tears into this thing and now it’s time to sell it. Eeeeep! Join Lisa as she shares the lessons she’s learnt from her own launches and gives you her best tips to get through your launch gracefully – or at least mostly unscathed.

Show Notes:

0:45 What it was like for Lisa when she launched Small Steps to Wholefoods and what NOT to do.

3:05 Lisa defines ‘a launch’ – and it’s a lot more than announcing your shiny thing.

5:24 The lessons are in the launching.

7:15 Before you open the doors, do this.

9:07 Where your attention needs to be during your launch.

10:50 The mid-point of your launch needs you to be vibin’.

12:38 When to expect most of your sales during a launch.

13:30 Call in the village and stock the freezer.

14:40 What you need in your business before you launch.

16:22 Lisa encourages you to see that it’s numbers – it’s not personal.

20:19 Lisa invites you to get in touch and join the conversation.


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  1. Heather Matthew on February 11, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    Love these podcasts Lisa. They are so much more focused on subject than the ones last year. Thanks for refining the information and making it so enjoyable to listen to..

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