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5 Ways To Use Video To Rapidly Build Your Audience….

…. even if you’re not a tech person and are sh!t-scared to be on camera.

HEY THERE! I'm lisa corduff...

And I’ve used video to build a vibrant audience of engaged (and wonderful!) women over at my online home, Small Steps Living.

I know that sharing ‘numbers’ can sound wanky, but if you’re new here, I want to make sure you’ve got a snapshot of my business and where I’m coming from...



Revenue generated in 2018



Followers on Facebook



Email subscribers



Of likes and shares on posts and ads



Members in paid subscription


(the only thing I use to film my vids!)

It makes me vom a little in my mouth to share that stuff, but I do it for a reason. Because if I’m gonna share my thoughts on how to build your audience, you need to know that I’ve legit got an audience, and that the strategies I’m talking about actually work. (So please excuse the over-share!)

But jokes aside, without a shadow of a doubt, I attribute a huge portion of these audience numbers and my revenue to one thing: video.

Yep — my willingness to press record and chat for a few minutes, then share it online, is why I have the business I have today.


In case you’re panicking right now, and picturing yourself scrambling to assemble a fancy “film set” in your home, complete with a lighting rig and bunches of flowers in the background, let me be clear...

… I’m talking about videos that have all been shot on my phone — no fancy backgrounds, no high-tech lighting, defs no flowers or blow-dries… heck, often I’m not even wearing a clean shirt! (#Toddlers)

Yet my videos still generate a huge response, reach tens of thousands of people, convert like crazy, and give me the biggest ROI in my biz.

Put simply, video is the fastest and SMARTEST way to build your audience.