KBR Ep 15: From Idea to Product – The Essential Steps

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You’re an ideas lady, right? And you’re probably itching to turn those amazing ideas into wonderful new products?! Well, hold up just long enough to listen to this episode and you could save yourself a stack of time, money and heartache. Lisa steps you through what you need to do when creating a new product, shares her marketing wisdom and provides a case example of an idea that flopped from her own business.

Show Notes:

3:19 Lisa’s favourite platform for testing a new idea.

6:00 How can you know if people will want to buy your product? The pros and cons of a proven market.

10:08 What you need to get clear on after your awesome idea lands.

13:12 Do you know how to sell your new thing?

15:38 Lisa shares the lessons she learned when she turned an idea into a product and it flopped.  

18:27 Getting clear on your promise.

19:24 What to do when you’ve ticked all the boxes and still no one buys.

21:08 Check your conversion rate expectations, lady.

21:38 The great separator in the online space.

24:20 How you want your customers to feel.


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  1. Graceshanti on January 28, 2019 at 10:31 pm

    Hey Lisa. Lovin this! only up to 6 minutes and godda go sleep so will revisit 2moro! Tks SO good to connect with your fabulous style again! 🙂 love ya work

  2. Cindy Cross on January 29, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    I feel like you are speaking directly to me in this one. You are really helping me clarify things. Thanks so much.

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