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CwL Ep87: Recipe of Delight

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Welcome to the summer series of the Conversations with Lisa Podcast. Join me each week for simple, actionable things that you can do over the summer break to reboot and reactivate yourself after what was 2021.

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Instead of creating a Recipe for Success in 2022 – how about you create a Recipe for Delight!?Or a Recipe for whatever it is you would like to call in more of in 2022. Calm? Peace? Joy?

Lisa has chosen Delight and in this Simple Step of the Summer Series she encourages you to think about the ingredients that need to be added to your life to create this recipe.

In your Workbook make notes on all the different areas of your life that you can sprinkle in Delight. You don’t have to wait for others to do it for you – what are YOU adding to the mix?

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Welcome to the summer series of the Conversations with Lisa podcast. I am going to be bringing you really simple, actionable things that you can do over this summer break for us in the Southern Hemisphere, for you guys, your winter break to reboot and reactivate yourself after what was 2021. These simple exercises will help you get focused on you, what you want, what matters to you and ways in which we can start moving towards that.

Are you ready for the next step in our summer series, to reboot and reactivate you? After, whoa, what a year, right? I hope that you are still following the rule of rest. That that is still the thing that you are focused on and centred on, that however you can find it, you are creating little open pockets, little beautiful spaces for yourself to rest your mind, and heart, and body, to rest your soul.

It’s so important. In this next step, I know you’ve heard of it. We’re always like, “What’s the recipe for success?” Well, you could use recipe for success if that’s what’s driving you. I feel like, in 2022, I want a recipe for delight, because I think life can feel delightful. I think I can delight myself. I think I can delight others. I think my space can feel delightful. And so, that’s what I thought we would focus on in this step. Each year, it’s okay, I mean, your word might be a recipe for success, if that is what’s driving you. I think there’s been years where I’ve felt like I need to have a recipe for peace, and you can choose whichever energy it is that you want to cultivate. You can stick with delight if it works for you.

And here’s what I do. I love looking at the different areas of my life, and thinking about what I can add to this mix. A recipe works well when it’s got the right ingredients. And I acknowledge all the time that I’m not a robot. I can’t bring consistency or the same things to every single situation all the time. It’s not about that. At this point of setting ourselves up for a year and just gently and lovingly attempting to draw a line in the sand, no matter what’s going on in this world around us, it’s about what matters to you and reminding ourselves of that, and reminding ourselves of the responsibility that we have to try to find ways to bring this to the table.

You can create what you want to create. And when you’re clear on what that is. For me, just a delightful year, delightful space, a delightful energy. It just feels nice, like rolls off my tongue. Well then, what makes something feel delightful? Or for you, if you are doing a recipe for success, what would success look like? What does that mean to you? And then, which ingredients are you bringing? Knowing that we can’t control what other people bring. We can’t control big decisions that are being made, but there absolutely is so much that we can control.

So when we get clear on this and we’re like, “Well, if I want my space to feel delightful, how can I be responsible for the energy that I bring?” But also just like, “Oh, you know what I love? I love the top of that sideboard to be clear. I love when it’s just that vase, even better when it’s that vase filled with flowers. Oh, delightful.” It could just be as simple as that. If I want my relationship to feel delightful, well, where am I bringing the delight? How am I showing up in delightful, surprising, lighthearted ways? What am I organising to do that feels delightful?

We have to sometimes be responsible for bringing what it is we say we want from those partnerships. As a parent, there was a lot about 2021 and parenting that did not feel so delightful. But there was also a lot that was. In 2022, no matter what happens, what am I cultivating here? What might delightful parenting, or if you’ve got successful parenting, or peaceful parenting, or whatever it is, whatever recipe you’re creating, what might you need to bring for that to be real? No matter what’s going on for your kids. Is there something that could be tweaked or changed? Is there a simple shift to your morning routine so that you show up to your day, feeling a little bit more peaceful? What needs to be added to your life in general for it to feel delightful to you?

What’s going in the mix? What are you going to stir around? And as I said, you can take this to be the normal recipe for success. I mean, you are allowed to aim for a successful 2022. I mean, what does that mean? What would you need to be bringing? How would you need to be taking care of yourself? What might your space look like in a successful year? What might your level of organisation look like? What does relationship success mean to you?

Choose a word. I mean, there’s three that you could choose from. Delight, success, or peace. And you can fill out your workbook, look at all the different areas that I’ve outlined, and just get a little bit clear. I want this exercise to feel as expansive as it does for me, and it’s not about really big, huge things. It’s not about setting the stakes so high. It’s about simple things that can be added in to just get into that energy that you desire, and then just revisiting it throughout the year, just revisit. And you will see things shift.

When you put your attention on what it is that you want instead of what it is that you don’t want, you just naturally start to notice that you make different decisions. You just naturally start to change your vibration, which attracts different things into you. It’s such a simple exercise, but it’s a really, really powerful one.

As always go ahead, and share this summer series. If you’re enjoying it, then tell your friends about it. As you can see, it’s not complicated, but it involves reflection, resting. Please be resting all of you. A reboot, just a reboot in terms of what’s important. What are you wanting? Can we be okay with what happened? And then just kind of just gently give ourselves a little kickstart, which will then reactivate us into a sense of purpose for 2022, a sense of hope. We can’t control what’s going to happen out there, but we can go into it feeling different. And that’s all that I try to do each and every year. And these are my little steps along the way.

So hopefully you enjoy this one. Tag me @LisaCorduff, if you share anything in your stories, or your socials, I would absolutely love to see. And we’re keeping the conversation going on social media, quietly, consistently with ease, because it’s summer. And I’m also enjoying my children, my own rest, which is so important. I’ll see you next week.

The summer break is a brilliant time to do some deep diving. I’m not just talking about into the deep end of the pool. I’m talking about into you. So many women that I work with struggle to know what actually makes them feel good. I am on a mission to help more women than ever start to feel good now. You don’t have to wait for everything to change around you and wait for the perfect circumstances or wait for your kids to get to a certain age or your income to get to a certain level in order to actually feel good in the life that you’re living.

I’ve put together a brilliant four-part series called Feel Good Now to help you map out exactly what it is that you need to bring more feel goods into your life right now. If you want to get started, and it is a new year, how about the timing, then click on the link in the show notes and you’ll be taken to my programme, Feel Good Now. I think it’d be the perfect addition to your summer holidays. See you soon.

Hey, if you are enjoying the conversation, then it would mean the world to me if you head over to iTunes and give us a rating and review, it really makes a difference. It’s my intention to get as many of us involved in real conversations that really change the game as possible. Thanks so much for your help. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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