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CwL Ep59: Back To Basics With Food

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It’s so completely normal for our healthy habits to disappear when stressed or holidaying or dealing with big things. Even if we’ve been really committed to them in the past.

It’s normal and it’s easier than you think to get back into what feels good but BOY do we overcomplicate doing this. We make it feel like deprivation when really, what we are doing is returning to honouring what we need.

In this Tiny Training Lisa shares the simple places she starts to get her food choices back on track after they’ve wavered off-course.

Which they do. And that’s OK!

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Hi, it’s Lisa Corduff. I’ve been delivering coaching, trainings, lessons, webinars, you name it, for over seven years online. And today on the podcast, you’re listening to what we’re calling a tiny training, taken from inside the vault, here at LCHQ, and we hope you enjoy it.

This week, we’re all about going back to basics. And this can be anywhere in your life, but I’ve chosen food because food is so fundamental. For me, my food choices reflect what’s going on for me at the moment. And when I’m having chaotic periods, when I’m busy, perhaps when I’ve been on holidays, things can kind of get a little bit all over the place. And all I do is think how simple could it be for me to eat well and to feel good, because that’s why I do it. That’s why we make the choices that we do.

It’s not a punishment thing. It’s not trying to not give myself the things that I need. It’s actually really honouring what I need in that moment and the best way to do it. I find everything changes if I start the day right, if I have that lemon juice in water. I literally squeeze the juice of half a lemon into some water and just sip on that throughout the morning and have a good breakfast. Doesn’t have to be complicated, but just made from something real. And then I feel set up for the day.

I think about upping my water intake. I think, “What’s green? What could I add to my plate that’s green?” Or just generally, “What fresh food that’s living could I get into my body?” And you guys, that’s it.

Can you go back to basics? What are your back to basics? What is it, that little habits that you can get into, the small steps that you could take this week to just feel better? Maybe it’s sleep. Maybe that’s your back to basics. When you get out of your sleep routine or start getting only a few hours a night, everything else falls off the waggon. Hands up.

But if you wanted some ideas to go back to basics with food, here are mine. I would love to hear yours. Good luck.

Hey, thanks for listening to that episode. I definitely hope you enjoyed it. Now I wanted to let you know that we have a bunch of free stuff available for you at the website. You can go to and check out my free stuff section and download something juicy to help you with your transformation. You can also go to our programmes page where I have made available some never sold before workshops and a bunch of short courses to help you with things like creating extra time in your week, moving through your overwhelm, getting on top of your tech habits and getting unstuck. I’m here to help and you’ve got brand new ways for me to do that beyond this podcast. Go to and check it out.

Hey, if you’re enjoying the conversation, then it would mean the world to me if you head over to iTunes and give us a rating and review. It really makes a difference, and it’s my intention to get as many of us involved in real conversations that really changed the game as possible. Thanks so much for your help. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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