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CwL Ep27: How to Be The Leader Your Kids Need During a Crisis

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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone right now, including our kids. Their eyes are trained on us — the ‘grown ups’ — as they try to navigate this strange terrain. And as a parent or family member, YOU get to help set the tone for them during this unusual time…

So what do you want for your family during this period?

And how can you be a leader for your kids during a crisis?

This week, I uncovered some lessons on leadership from a most unexpected place… Winston Churchill. (Ha! Bet you weren’t expecting that!) As leader of his country during most of World War II, Churchill rallied the British people and led the country from the brink of defeat to victory…

… and though it might not seem like a stuffy old British guy would have much to teach us about modern motherhood, you might just be surprised by the insights he can offer!

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • How to frame a crisis — like the coronavirus shutdown — in a way that your kids can understand
  • Why evoking a sense of destiny can help everyone through a hard time
  • How to get clear on what a ‘win’ is (and why this is so essential for your sanity!)
  • Why it matters so much what comes after this (and how to paint a vision of the future that gets you and your family excited)
  • Why taking action — even if it’s symbolic — is crucial for your family’s morale
  • Why I bought a bike… and why you might want to try something new too! 
  • It’s okay to find the fun and humour in things. Here’s why.
  • How to maintain a strong relationship with the truth and with ‘what is’
  • How I helped my son find joy in home learning (even though he’s really missing school)
  • Plus so much more

If you want language and tools to use with your kids to help them thrive through this shutdown (as well as a loving reminder that you’ve got this!), this episode is for you. 

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