CwL Ep26: You’re Stronger Than You Know (Really)

With the COVID-19 shutdown continuing to loom over us, have you got questions and doubts racing through your brain on a loop?

‘How are we going to get through this?’

‘How is this going to work?’

‘How the heck am I going to homeschool my kids for a whole term?’

‘How can I make sure everyone is okay?’

‘How can I keep my head above water?’

These are things I’ve been wondering about too. 

So in this episode, I wanted to share with you how I’m working through these questions, and offer a powerful reminder about how strong you really are…
So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • Why you can’t be everything to your children (and why that’s okay!)
  • Are you fighting what’s going on? What if you chose surrender instead?
  • Why acceptance is key to riding out this situation
  • The important question I’m asking myself right now, to make sure I’m in a good headspace
  • What if you’re worried because you don’t know how this is going to work?
  • Why you need to stop expecting yourself to ‘fix things’ for everybody else
  • The playlist that’s keeping me upbeat and helping me feel my feelings

If you need a reminder of your innate power and resilience, this episode is for you. 

The Conversations With Lisa playlist

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You can quote me on that:
“We don’t have to have it all figured out right now.” – Lisa Corduff

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