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CwL Ep 22: 5 Ways To Cope In Uncertain Times

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Covid-19 is upon us, and life as we know it is suddenly looking *very* different… 

There are probably plenty of questions running through your mind right now, like “How long is this going to last?”, “How am I going to entertain my kids?”, “Are the people I love safe?”, “Are we going to be able to pay our bills?”, and “Is life ever going to feel normal again?”

With so many “unknowns”, it’s easy to get consumed by the uncertainty, and for your brain to start spiralling out of control with stress and worry…

So today, I want to help you reclaim some of that mental real estate, so you can halt that spiral and choose a different experience for yourself instead.

In this podcast, I’m sharing the 5 tools and mindset shifts that have helped me during times of uncertainty. They’re simple, they’re effective, and they’re keeping me grounded during this time of turmoil. And they might be really useful for you too…

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • The super-quick morning routine that helps me start my day feeling safe, calm and grounded
  • A powerful question to ask yourself in any moment to shift your inner state
  • How I transitioned our household from being chaotic to being peaceful
  • Why you can’t wait for an article, post or meme to *finally* make you feel calm
  • Why it’s 100% okay to feel grief about what’s going on (even if you haven’t been personally affected)
  • How to shift yourself out of a negative thought spiral
  • What our immune systems want from us right now
  • The power of observing yourself to create radical changes

If you want to know more about reclaiming control of your headspace even when times are tough, this episode is for you. 

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