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CwL Ep 17: What’s wrong with the exercise industry – A Conversation with Robin Long

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Today’s guest is the wonderful Robin Long from The Balanced Life. I HAD to have Robin on the show because she’s an unsung hero in the fight against motherhood guilt. She has a busy family life with four children, runs her business and encourages her students to embrace grace over guilt. How good does that sound? 

It’s hard enough trying to balance work and parenting but when you’re the face of a fitness business, the stakes are somewhat higher. People expect more of you but the truth is, we’re all in the same boat and a pilates professional truly isn’t any better than the the motherhood game than you are, I promise! 

This is a chat about balance, motherhood and what it takes to really try to ‘have it all’.

So what is the episode REALLY about? 

Key takeaways

  • The severe consequences that happen when you ignore your need for rest.  
  • The frightening statistics on just how many women are dealing with burnout. 
  • The clues you might be suffering adrenal fatigue, for example feeling worse not better after a workout. 
  • The importance of going gently and trusting your own body. 
  • If a mum with a business and four kids can take a few moments out of the day to take care of herself, you can do it too! 
  • The small steps approach and how it’s the only sane way to keep it all together. 
  • Getting back to basics and how it can make decision making a lot easier. 
  • How it’s impossible to go from 0 to 100 and that’s why a lot of people fail at introducing exercise into their lives because they try to overdo it. 
  • How even fitness professionals skip workouts!

If you’re in need of an inspiring listen today, pop this in your ears. 

About Robin
Robin Long lives and works in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. As a certified Pilates instructor and founder/CEO of The Balanced Life, she is passionate about creating programs that empower, strengthen, restore, and rejuvenate her clients from the inside out. As the leading online Pilates membership community, Robin has worked with thousands of women all over the world. She believes in a guilt-free, balanced approach to health & fitness and is dedicated to helping women love and care for their bodies in the midst of busy lives.
Outside of The Balanced Life, she can be found chasing her 6-year-old daughter,4-year-old son, and 16-month-old twins, sneaking in 10-minute workouts during the kids’ bath time, and spending as much time as possible at the beach.

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