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Ep 60: All good things come to an end

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Karly and Lisa share a brave, honest and raw conversation about speaking your truth, stepping into the discomfort that comes with clarity, and putting friendship first.

This is the final episode of Keeping Good Company for the foreseeable future. It is a powerful example of the goodness to be found in honouring yourself, honouring the differences in the people you love, being brave and Keeping Good Company.

Show Notes

1:45 – Karly and Lisa look back to where their joint venture began. Karly reflects on the extreme anxiety she was experiencing, and Lisa recalls the shaky situation her family was in. In their moment of need, they came together, launched a mastermind and podcast, and shared their personal magic with other inspiring business women.

4:55 – The conversation turns to clarity and the letting go that necessarily follows having a better understanding of yourself. Lisa highlights the increasing clarity they have both gained around what they each stand for. They share courageously the fears that arise when your vision doesn’t align with that of your biz partner, and how they have been shaming themselves for those differences.

7:30 – Lisa and Karly look at their differences in a positive light, noting what they have been able to do for other women by each bringing their unique talents to the mastermind. Lisa shares that by coming together with Karly, she was able to trust her own ability to provide practical business help.

10:00 – Karly and Lisa put their hearts on their sleeves to share how this conversation and their growth feels: being nervous and yet courageous enough to speak their truth, feeling the friction of misalignment, and wanting to step fully into their own power. Karly highlights the courage and compassion required to have these conversations and continue to show up for one another despite all the ‘life’ that happens.

15:30 – Lisa shares the vision that is lighting her up but would give Karly hives. Karly shares what is lighting her soul on fire but is far from Lisa’s ideal business retreat. They chat about how these differences feel and navigate it all with honesty, self-awareness and compassion.

21:25 – Lisa and Karly riff on using ‘what feels good?’ as a compass.

24:45 – When a friendship is more important than a business. Karly and Lisa chat about the fears that have arisen out of letting go of the mastermind and how fear can cause us to hold on to things longer than feels good. Includes a great chat about who gets to be Oprah and who gets to be Gayle!

27:10 – Karly and Lisa affectionately fumble through their goodbye to the podcast and business. It’s over, bitches – not really… but really. They reflect on what it means to keep good company and how they’ve honoured that here.

30:10 – Karly invites you to step into your own power, get clarity for yourself and then be courageous enough to step into that.

32:20 – How you can connect with Karly and Lisa individually, and all of their red-hot plans for the future:

Karly Nimmo @
Show Up Speak Up

Lisa Corduff is @

35:50 – Karly offers her assistance with starting your own podcast. Head to for her rockin’ course.

37:55 – It’s one last goodbye – or twenty. Bye!

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