KBR Ep 1: Lisa’s Business Journey So Far

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Show Notes:

In the first episode Lisa provides a brief and inspiring background of the humble beginnings of her business, discussing the key factors that helped her launch with a bang.

And no – it wasn’t a fancy funnel!

Enjoy getting to know Lisa and learn more about what you’ll find her at Keeping Business Real.

0:45 How Lisa’s business journey began

4:20 Lisa discusses being an ‘intra’preneur during her twenties and the addictive nature of having freedom to create your own projects.

6:00 How selling a kitchen appliance turned out to be the best market research

8:35 How creating a 21 Day Challenge ended in $35k revenue

11:25 What Lisa has learnt about online marketing since her very humble beginnings

13:30 When cracks started to appear in Lisa’s life

14:40 The importance of having a fire in your belly

16:30 Where the business is at right now

18:20 Why no one is served by ‘picture perfection’ and why Lisa promises to keep it real

21:00 Rising into your awesomeness


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