Ep 42: Recovering from a Major F*ck Up

Today Lisa recounts her online business worst nightmare: How one of her biggest webinars totally went pear-shaped. Far from being a pity party, Lisa recounts how she has used a huge business f*ck up to get back in the zone and how making one small decision can completely shift your whole perspective.   

Show Notes

06:25 – What happens when all the eggs are broken?
13:00 – Find out how Lisa shifts the mood around her launch f**k-up.
14:48 – “You’ve got the strength – it’s just that you haven’t used it – we just gotta get you back to you”
17:14 – The end result is going to be what YOU make of it…what will you choose?
20:33 – How this will end up being something that Lisa is really grateful for

Top tip for getting back in the zone…Just choose to be happy

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