Ep 39: What Is On the Cutting Edge of Digital Publishing Might Surprise You!

On the back of attending the Sydney Digi Publish World Forum Disrupt, Lisa and Karly talk about their insights from the forum. Much to their surprise and delight, they realise that they are, in fact, on the cutting edge of communications, and have a deeper and more profound understanding of their audience, how to pivot and how to create meaningful lasting connections in the digital age.  


6:04 – The “big publishing players” seems to have NO concept of what is going on with audiences.
10:12 – Lisa talks about how lucky she feels to be nimble and being able to create directly for her audience.
12:44 – “We are the ones they are frightened of!” they could learn a lot from looking at the “smaller” players
17:57 – Publishers are finding it Impossible to hire staff, specifically content creators because they are romantic about what makes you qualified to create content.
18:50 – Good news! Online entrepreneurs are ahead of the game.
19:41 – Create media that you want to consume.


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