Ep 33: Stop with the excuses and start to be seen

Lisa and Karly share their first experiences with audio and video, why practice is the only way to push through fear, and why you should never let your worries about what other people think stop you from sharing your message.

Show Notes

05:10 – Karly shares how the only way through fear is practice, practice and more practice
06:30 – Lisa explains why rough and ready content is more effective than polished perfection
12:00 – Lisa on why humans will always judge you, and the importance of not letting that stop you
14:45 – Why Karly listens to every podcast episode and watches every video she records
17:30 – Lisa’s top tips for getting engagement on Facebook lives


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  1. Dorothy on May 6, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Great Podcast Ladies…

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