DATE: 30th
October 2018

TIME: 10 am AEDT

The 5 Mistakes People Make When They Start Out With

Video Marketing

Get the tools you need to avoid any ‘facepalm’ moments, so you can
start making videos that rapidly build your audience and get more conversions.

There's no denying that video is overtaking other forms of marketing — it gets more eyeballs, more engagement, more conversions, more shares, and more space in the newsfeed than any other type of content…

But there’s ALSO no denying that the thought of whipping out your phone, filming yourself, then sharing it with others can be pretty confronting... even downright scary.

In this live training session, you’ll learn how to sidestep the 5 biggest mistakes that even smart business owners make when it comes to video.



The real reason why your “natural” videos don’t look as good as the ones you admire in your newsfeed (and how to ramp up the quality fast)


The ‘Toilet Rule’ for creating can’t-scroll-past-this videos that speak straight to the heart of your customers


How I had my biggest launch ever using a tool that everyone says is “dead”


The #1 way that business owners miss out on sales (and how to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table during your next launch)


The 2 minute trick to radically lower the cost of your facebook ads

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DATE: 30th October 2018

TIME: 10 am AEDT

(that’s 7 pm EDT on the 29th for my American friends)



Lisa Corduff is the creator of Small Steps Living — a successful online business that teaches mums how to feed their families more wholefoods. When she’s not hanging out with her family or experimenting in the kitchen, you’ll find Lisa whipping out her iPhone to create videos for her tribe. Her videos regularly receive 20k+ views, are shared thousands of times, and generate more ROI than any other tool in her business.