Ep 12: What Do You Do When Your Family and Friends Don’t Get It?

Lisa and Karly answer a listener’s question on how to push through with your dream, even when friends and family don’t support you. They talk about letting go of the need for validation, how your success can raise up the people around you, and why the friends you need will be the ones who stick around regardless.

Show Notes

04:55 – Lisa shares how success lost her friendships, but the friends who valued her stuck around
07:52 – Why Lisa has been ‘online dating’ to create a crew of likeminded women who get it
10:05 – Karly shares the benefits of having friendships outside of the entrepreneur bubble
16:56 – Karly’s realisation that she spent a lifetime trying to please people who will never accept her
23:06 – Lisa on living your best life, the impact on others, and why that is not your responsibility


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