Ep 11: What is a Mastermind Anyway?

Lisa and Karly talk friendship, holding space for each other, and how they each brought their unique gifts to the table when creating their joint Mastermind. They share how their own experiences of Masterminds shaped what they wanted to create: A supportive, inspiring community of like-minded women, all with a desire for big growth in 2018.

Show Notes

03:31 – How Lisa learned that following your instincts will always beat following a formula
10:21 – Karly on the magic of ‘Karly plus Lisa’, and their shared ability to create community
13:01 – Lisa shares why their joint Mastermind is the most rewarding thing she has ever created
14:12 – Karly shares how the Mastermind is built on a foundation of her and Lisa’s friendship
15:59 – Lisa on why the strength of a Mastermind comes from the people inside it


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