Ep 5: Creator Self Doubt – The Rollercoaster of a Successful Launch

Karly on the roller coaster of success and failure, the vulnerability that isn’t always talked about in success stories, and emotional roadblocks when writing a book. She shares how she moves forward in the face of crippling self-doubt and a persistent belief that she is not enough.

Show Notes

03:46 – Why success triggers a roller coaster of emotions for Karly
05:29 – The secret Jude Blureau revealed to Lisa about every single successful person she knows
11:45 – How Karly realised she had to write her book for herself first, and others second
13:34 – Lisa explains why as a content creator, you need to feel OK about getting paid
16:15 – Lisa shares the power of deciding the person you want to be, and taking action from there
25:03 – How the shame Karly carried until the age of 40 was based on a fictional memory
28:01 – What James Wedmore told Lisa that flipped her perspective on her own ‘failure’
32:11 – Karly explains why the only control we have is over our own effort and showing up
34:23 – Lisa on why ‘hard and uncomfortable’ is an awesome place to be
38:40 – Karly on embracing big emotions: Why we can’t take the highs without the lows


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