KBR Ep 7: Lisa Carpenter: Navigating Your Transformation

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In this episode, Lisa is joined by her friend and coach, Lisa Carpenter – a woman who uses her blindspot-busting gifts to help other rising women get out of their own way and matter in their own lives. Together, the Lisa’s delve into the transformations Lisa Carpenter has been through and provide plenty of wisdom for anyone who might be their own big, hairy roadblock to change.  

Show notes:

0:55 Lisa provides the details of how Lisa Carpenter came into her life and why they’ve hit it off.

3:05 Lisa Carpenter shares her business evolution, including her move from a bricks and mortar business to the online space.

10:40 The Lisa’s look at a big question: why do we fight for our limitations?

13:39 How to ride the waves of discomfort and resistance when there are no how-to’s.

20:20 Lisa Carpenter shares a common thread she finds with entrepreneurs and why it doesn’t serve them.

25:53 Learn how Lisa Carpenter arrived at her current offering of boutique one to one coaching.


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