KBR Ep 43: Creating a Breakthrough Month in Business

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Lisa is coming at you from her hotel bed in Dallas, Texas. She’s joined by her exceptional friend, coach and best-selling author Lisa Carpenter. If you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you might remember Lisa’s guest spot in November last year on navigating your transformation. If you missed that one, we highly recommend checking it out. The woman is exceptional!

Today’s episode is a real and raw look at the struggles and wins of online business and what arriving at a breakthrough month really requires. Lisa Carpenter has just experienced one of her best months in business and this is an insightful look at the what, how and why of arriving at that point. Enjoy x

Show Notes:

0:45 Lisa introduces her friend Lisa Carpenter, best selling author and executive coach.

2:45 The impact of tying your success to your bank account.

6:52 Burning it all down and moving out of the ‘trying so hard’ space (when you’re in every program and in alllll the FB groups).

12:30 The flow and letting go that lead to Lisa’s most successful month in business yet.

17:20 The way around ‘can I do it again’ fear and disbelief in your ability to replicate success.

20:25 You can’t shortcut business success. It will take time and tenacity.

22:20 Podcast power!! Lisa Carpenter’s experience with her Full Frontal Living podcast.

26:30 The Lisa’s reflect on the big lessons and what it means to truly turn inward and follow your own path.


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