KBR Ep 42: Case Study: Creating, Growing and Pivoting a Successful Online Business

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Lisa invites one of her coaching students and entrepreneurial success stories, Caroline Partridge, onto the show. Today’s chat is an in-depth look at how Caroline has created and grown her online business, and why she is now pivoting and growing into an entirely new area. 

Hear from someone who’s done it, what mindset was needed, what time it took, what courses she’s relied on, and what has been key to her success.

Show Notes:

1:05 Introducing Caroline Partridge: a successful online business owner in the throws of pivoting her business.

5:55 How Caroline transitioned from blog hobbyist to business owner – the random trial and error, the mindset shift and James Wedmore’s Business By Design course.

11:30 Caroline’s membership journey – why it worked and why she is letting it go.

13:45 Caroline shares how she has arrived at being ready to evolve her business and how important it is to have done the work and laid the foundations.

20:10 Lisa and Caroline jam on social media strategy – what to hold on to, and what and when to let go. 

28:30 Why you need to find the people who get what you’re doing. Lisa put’s it out there – online business is still fringe!

33:20 How Caroline leans into the Business By Design course content over and over again.


Find Caroline Partridge at Aussie Allergy Mum here and Social Strategy Mum here.

Interested in BBD? Join Lisa for a Q & A session this week on Weds here.

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