KBR Ep 41: The US – Aussie Divide

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Lisa is soon to be hitting the streets of Dallas to connect with her Mastermind and stretch those wings a little further. While she’s thinking about her US friends and mentors, she reflects on the differences between US and Aussie culture and what that means for the savvy entrepreneur. If you’re looking to learn from the best and then implement in the context of your audience, this episode is for you.

In this episode you’ll hear mention of James Wedmore’s course Business By Design. Lisa has personally taken James’ course and 100% believes there is no better foundational course for online business. She is thrilled to affiliate for the upcoming round and will be offering you some value-packed bonuses if you’re keen. Use this link to check out James’ free video series The Rise of the Digital CEO and see the incredible value James brings to everything he does.

Lisa also invites you to get on the waitlist for her Breakthrough Mastermind – the only mastermind of its kind in Australia. If you’d like to hear when applications open for 2020, head over here and let us know.

Show Notes:

3:00 The knowledge and energy that can be found in learning from the big names in the US is magic.

7:00 The Aussie approach that keeps Aussie’s small. 

8:05 Why you need an “Australianisation” of big ticket programs like Business By Design by James Wedmore.

12:15 How recharging you will grow your business.

14:45 Why Lisa stopped marketing Keeping Video Real to the US market.

16:20 The extra support Lisa can offer you if you’re considering James Wedmore’s upcoming round of Business By Design.


The Rise of the Digital CEO: Free video series by James Wedmore

Waitlist for the 2020 Breakthrough Mastermind: Lisa Corduff’s signature Australian Mastermind

Connect with Lisa Corduff on Facebook and Instagram (@kbr_with_lisa)


  1. Nicci O’Mara on July 29, 2019 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Lisa
    Love this podcast episode. The differences between Aussies and Americans is so real and you’ve given me some great reminders of things to consider when marketing. It really does make selling online courses more of a challenge when you’re an Aussie whose audience is over 50% from the US. But I love having an international audience.

  2. Kerry Magnus on July 29, 2019 at 8:39 pm

    Thanks for this podcast. I can’t wait to listen. I find it fascinating as I am offering coaching for adrenal fatigue which is big in the States (and all over really!) but I’m from South Africa so I am curious as to where we fit in – more like Australia I assume?! Probably more conservative wrt online marketing though!

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