KBR Ep 40: James Wedmore on What’s Changing in Online Business

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Lisa nails down her Laguna Beach-based mentor, James Wedmore, for another chat, and this one can only be described as a doozie for all online business owners. Top up your teapots or lace up your runners and hit play. Lisa and James cover what market saturation means (or more to the point, doesn’t mean) for you, the questions you must be asking yourself to grow your audience, and so much more.

We know you either do already or will soon love everything James Wedmore, so here’s a treat! James is running a free video training called the “The Rise of the Digital CEO”. Yes, that is the link. Yes, it’s FREE. Yes, the man is a genius. What are you waiting for?!

In case you’re wondering who exactly this Mr Wedmore is, James (in a very tiny nutshell, as he is so much more) is the creator of a seven-figure business which he uses to help entrepreneurs develop the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. He is also the creator and host of the absolutely unmissable podcast, Mind Your Business.

Conversation Highlights and Takeaways


Market saturation is an unprovable opinion. Market sophistication, on the other hand, is a thing and it’s here. James dives right into slamming the ‘the market is saturated’ argument and shares exactly why it’s just another excuse to stay comfortable.


James’ pep talk on entrepreneurs, problem solving and forward thinking – plus, get the lowdown on what your ideal customer is not laying in bed at night wishing for. 


Stop asking: how do I grow my following?

Start asking: how do I lead? How do I disrupt the marketplace? Am creating content worth following?


James provides a ripper explanation of confidence when discussing visibility blocks: confidence is a present personal state that is primarily based on our expectations about the future. If you stress about how your posts or content might be received, check this out.


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